How difficult can it be and how long will it take

OnTVTonight and TV GUIDE =BOTH= have DECADES schedule for 78758, but Gracenote is STILL DRAGGING THEIR FEET! And of course TitanTV also has it, but to be honest I did tell them DECADES was going to be 7.5 prior to it actually starting broadcast. The difference is TitanTV began working on it when I told them.

@TabloTV how can TV GUIDE have the listing, while Gracenote doesn’t?

EDIT: I even tried changing my zip code to a few other zip codes for Austin, TX and they didn’t have guide data either for 7.5 so I changed it back to 78758.

Red Bee Media (formerly FYI Television) is the provider of data to TV Guide. So it appears Red Bee Media is a competitor of Gracenote and is better.

Just sent this to Gracenote (Google helped me find their email address)

I have a Tablo and subscribe to the TV Guide Data from them. I got a new station, 7.5 in Austin, TX 78758 almost a MONTH ago. TV Guide (now Rovi) is another provider.

You can email like I did and see if it helps.

Does TV Guide have your channel? It does have mine. TV Guide uses Red Bee Media instead of Gracenote.

Edit: Just found out the email address is wrong

Suspect tablo communicates with Gracenote via Without being a developer, it looks like Gracenote is tightly tied to postal code to start with… To get Stations details - mandatory StationId, which can be retrieved by calling Lineup channel listing
Lineup channel listing mandatory LineupId, which can be retrieved using Lineups by postal code.
Lineups by postal code

But, it doesn’t mention any communication with the station or the station communication with “scheduling services” …or why ad-support ones know while paid ones don’t.

I understand your frustration and hope things get straightened out very soon!

I wonder why the decades wiki page still says coming soon to austin?

No one updated it. DECADES page no longer says coming soon. Yet ANOTHER place Gracenot COULD check.

KTBC 7.5 all Austin, TX zip codes, but mine is 78758

You would think that if their Decades wiki page still said coming soon not only would they fix it so potential users know about their product but also be checking up with their Austin affiliate to ensure all the knowledge bases are in place.

Decades is a business.

Wikipedia anyone can edit. I just edited it and removed coming soon and added Fox Television Stations

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A miracle happened! Sometime between 4 AM and 2:39 pm central time, I got guide data for 7.5.

A big thank you to the Tablo team!