Tablo Duo Grid not filling the scedule

Hi, I’m new here. Everything was working ok until I rescanned my antenna. Now the new stations I found won’t fill the grids with program info. I am still in the 30 day trial. I did do the update button and even did a system reset. I am about to take this thing back to the store. It’s seems really buggy. Thanks for any advice.

It may be that those stations are a bit far away to be automatically included in your Tablo guide. Just make a list and submit it to Tablo support. Support will have the guide provider add them for you. It takes between 1 and 2 weeks but they will be added. I recieve a station that is 65 miles away, support got their guide info added for me.

Is this just only a select few channels? Or all of them?

If only a few, then likely the guide data for those channels are linked to your zip code. Contact Tablo Support directly via a suppport ticket to have them add the channels to your zip code.

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Email and tell them channel number and network and zip code. Then wait a couple of weeks… You can watch by clicking channel number. You can do manual recordings.

It’s been reported/suggested - How difficult can it be and how long will it take - it may be difficult so it might take a long time :wink:

If your guide data is still missing, definitely send us a note and we’ll take a look.