Help Shape the Tablo Roadmap


+1 on this request. What has helped here is the “Recent” tab, I mostly want to watch the latest show (mostly news) and it’s always near the top.


I’ve been a Tablo/Roku user for a few weeks now. I didn’t have time to read through all the posts here to see if these enhancements have already been asked for, so please forgive any duplication.

1.Tablo/Roku Guide - scroll from A-Z directly. Roku remote up arrow key should go from A > Z instead of having to scroll down through the entire alphabet.

  1. Search through the guide, show results based on category All, Prime Time, Sports etc.

  2. Tablo to play movies through Roku from external sources, DLNA, NAS etc.


I was thinking this morning about scheduled conflicts. It would be nice to receive a push notification on my phone (android) when ever there is a scheduling conflict. Thanks


I’m new here so these probably are repeats:
Something to make it faster. Maybe a titles only instead of thumbnails view.
More options to manage recordings. Maybe a way to quickly select recordings to be deleted or to set up a search then delete those. For example one or two clicks to delete episodes o of a certain program before a certain date.
A way to make an mp4 copy of a program on the drive or in a cloud drive.
A way to make a compressed copy of something on the drive.
A way to play mp4s that the user places on the drive.


Would love to be able to search inside the Apple TV app. As in, for shows.


Now that we have the ability to start a recording early and stop a recording late, it would be nice to be able to start a recording late and stop a recording early as well. This would allow us to resolve recording conflicts when show is scheduled to end 1 minute (or so) later than normal, so that we can either end that show early or start one of the next shows late.


Not sure if this was ever requested before. I have a 2 tuner Tablo and never plan to replace it with a 4 tuner model. But there are times where conflicts arise when more than 2 shows are scheduled at the same time. Usually once a week or so I run through the schedule and resolve the conflicts. What would be nice is if you could add a priority number to your scheduled programs. Like say 1 through 3 (1 for highest priority) for the 2 tuner model. (Not sure if this would be needed on a 4 tuner model) If a conflict occurs it would look at the priority numbers and cancel shows with higher numbers until only 2 recordings remain. Thanks.


@SophieCat That is definitely something that has been suggested and something that we would like to include in the future.

We definitely want to do some work on conflict resolution, and this would indeed be a nice upgrade for that function!


Recently options were added to “Keep Last X Episodes”, these work well. I record movies also, and an option to “Keep for X Days” (10 days, 30 days?) would be nice.


Thank you for the reply Tablo folks. In addition to what I already said I think top priority should be put on episodes marked new. By default reruns should take a back seat to any that are new.


Good idea mbellaire. Many of my recordings tend to get old and moldy.:smiley:


A common way to accomplish this is an item’s position on a list. Think list of wireless network names on Windows & Apple iOS for example, higher on the list is a preferred position over lower. Instant conflict resolution. Other DVR’s use the same metaphor.

My common sense and experience tell me such a metaphor is common and obvious with copious prior art. I have no idea if that would prevent zealous competition from claiming infringement.