Help Shape the Tablo Roadmap

Hey Tablo Fans! 

Early next week I’ll be gathering feature requests from this thread and throwing them into a master document that our development and management teams can use as they plot out our feature roadmap for the next few quarters.

We have a list of things we 100% want to do, things that we know need tweaking/improvement and we’re hoping to squeeze in some ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’ features too. 

For those that have already contributed to this thread - thank you! Your vote will be counted! 

If you haven’t yet contributed, now’s your chance. Tell us what you want and we’ll see if we can make it happen. (Within reason and based on our engineering resources so don’t get too crazy now!) 


I got one more. This probably falls into the needs improvement category (i.e. conflict resolution)
-A list of recording priorities which is recognizable.

Let’s say I add 20 tv series, and I get a conflict, I later change my mind, and want the last series I added to have the highest record priority to avoid any potential tuner conflicts, right now the only way to do it is to delete/re-add all the previous 19 series I already added to my recording list.

  1. Conflict Resolution (all clients) 
    2) Roku Interface (already watched flag, progress watched bar, restart from last position, channel grid)
    3) Allow shows to be copied off of hard drive for non-connected devices

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From what I’ve heard,  it sounds like there is a 5-10 second delay when switching between stations with Live TV?  If so,  this should be removed.   Allow immediate channel switching and start recording the Live TV stream for that channel ASAP without affecting the channel switching.



@MattMan13 - This delay is so we can start recording a bit of the stream to enable the pause & rew functions. There’s no way to do this without the pause. 


Xbmc add-on, if not live tv, at least to access recorded shows

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It would be nice to see a image as you fast forward or rewind to know where the commercials have ended - browser and roku at least don’t have this.


Double click play live TV in the browser would be nice single click could still bring up the details.

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On the roku show day (Sunday, etc) along with date on recording. Show latest recording date on recording picture rather than season started date and end date or both. Makes it nice to know if some new recording is there without clicking into it. Less clicks for the user the happier we will be. Gray out or mark recording if already viewed.

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Need to be able to start recording early or pad it. Like when you select the program to record the ablilty to start the recording early in minutes or stop late in minutes. Most DVRs have that function. This is show stopper for me as the networks do not start their shows per the guide. Always the extra commercial.

Sports programs some times run longer then what the guide shows. Need to able to pad say 30 minutes or more.

An easy sign-in (ala Google or Facebook sign-in, OpenID) to access service on any device. If your product is designed for content ubiquity, why hinder it with hardware constrictions?


Improving the Roku app IMO should be priority #1.  I’m betting that a large %age of your customers are watching on a big TV and most of them are via Roku.  I agree with @Flatulator:  “already watched flag, progress watched bar, restart from last position, channel grid.”  And would add image views during FF to see when the commercials are done.  Very frustrating to have to always FF blind.


Auto change on Roku channel line up. If i’m watching live tv and the show is over and I return to channel guild it stays on the old show and will not update to next block/hour of shows without backing completely out.

Also more android tablets added to the approved list. Not everyone whats a $400 tablet just to be a remote.

ROKU, have FF move 10 seconds for each click of the FF button like Aereo does (of course I am ditching Aereo).  Don’t know if this is possible, but if your guide data provider could have the Network ID show up with channels that would be a nice touch.  Sometimes it is hard to remember what WXYZ is.  Of course, I look forward to all the improvements you intend for the ROKU interface, and so far, I am extremely pleased.

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We really need to be able to pad the length of the show. Some of them go longer than scheduled. I had an issue like this last night.

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IE support, especially for Win8 phones and the Surface (non-pro edition).

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An app that works with the Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5.  I have to use a browser for these devices versus an app.

ROKU - What would really be a superb improvement is for the DATE RECORDED and Channel to be shown below the ICON like on Aereo: Sunday April 13th WSB TV ABC.  At the very least the date.

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On the Roku Recordings screen (default view), consider adding a symbol to the TV show icon to indicate if a new show (unwatched) has been added.

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Also, under the Roku Recordings screen, Most Recent view (default), please change the categories.  Currently they are Today, Last Week, Last Month.  These should be changed to Today, This Week, Last Week, Last Month (or similar).  Additionally, the current Last Week view apparently looks at the last 7 calendar days to give you Last Week.  This should be actual day of the week,  Mon-Sun or Sun-Sat…  For example, on Wednesday of any given week, shows that were recorded on Monday show as Last Week - which isn’t correct.