Help Shape the Tablo Roadmap

The ability to use the second hard drive would be nice. I would also like to be able to swap drives when they fill up. I’m not sure what happens when you try that.

@HarryR - We don’t currently support this but it’s definitely on the ‘to-do’ list. 

@mbellaire - Talked with our Roku dev last night about rejigging the default view for recordings. Stay tuned!
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One minor request that I have not yet seen listed:  add a little “bug” (or whatever you call it) to show how many episodes of a given show have been recorded in the Recordings screen, kind of like is done to show how many new email messages you have, etc.  Small but helpful.

That’s a good one

You guys should consider using a user feedback tool like Ideascale ( to capture feature requests and allow users to vote them up or down.  I have no personal connection to ideascale but have used it with other products and think it’s pretty cool.

I think I sent most of my feature requests to your support email address during the beta test, but here is my wish-list:

1) Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound when streaming to AppleTV.  This is my only real disappointment with Tablo, when I am watching HDTV on the big-screen TV, I want the full audio experience too!

2) When Tablo powers up (e.g. after a power failure), check to see if there are any timers set for in-progress shows, and start recording if there are.

3) When I stop watching a recorded show, and then start watching again at a later time, give me the option of resuming where I left off, rather than always starting back at the beginning.

4)  Related to #3, provide an indication whether a recorded show is unwatched, watched, or partially watched.

5) When streaming to AppleTV, allow me to peruse other screens in the Tablo app (e.g. to check the Live TV guide, or your scheduled recordings, or …) without stopping playback

6) Provide the ability to specify/default the number of minutes before a program a recording should start, and number of minutes it should record after the end of the program if the tuner isn’t needed to record another program

7) Provide a display of the signal-strength for each tuner.  Bonus points to show the real channel or frequency in addition to the virtual channel.


First off, I love the Tablot and the responsiveness of the company.

TabloTV just works. Thank you!

My list:

  1. AC3 (Would you guys please let us know if this is possible?)
  2. See frames on FF/REW.
  3. Resume.
  4. Extending recordings.
  5. Reorder recording priorities.
  6. Show physical channel in channel selection.

I’ll put my list here as well

  1. Ability to resume a show where left off
  2. Show Recordings as a list of episodes (of all shows) ordered by date instead of the current view
  3. Auto resume playback after hitting fast forward on roku 
  4. Show preview frames when fast forwarding or rewinding
  5. AC3 passthrough to roku
  6. Show priority list 
  7. Marker to show which shows have and haven’t been watched 

@danwa Thanks for the info re: IdeaScale! I would love that kind of functionality. We’ll check it out.

And thanks to everyone for contributing! I’m going to take a final look through before our team meeting this afternoon so I can get an up-to-date list to the engineering team. 
  1. On the Roku I would love to able to see where I am when you fast forward / rewind like with Amazon Prime. 
    2) A way to set priority on recordings.
    4) Resume playback from where you left off. 
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Can you add the ability to start a recording early and extend a recording longer?
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The ability to use the second hard drive would be nice. I would also like to be able to swap drives when they fill up. I’m not sure what happens when you try that.

All:  Play on option.  Plex and many other apps have the “casting feature”  Plex has quite nicely integrated casting with rokus by allowing the user to connect to the roku via the cast button, and then sending the video they are viewing or browsing on tablet/phone to the selected device.

Thumbnail preview - (I know a lot of people have requested this already) I thought I would add that plex has also very gracefully handled this with video file thumbnail indexing.  Even if it is only available on recorded shows, it would be a HUGE addition.

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Plex integration - I built a plex integration for SageTV that works really well, and would interested in the opportunity to build or help build a plex scanner / metadata agent or plex channel for TabloTV.

@HarryR - hard drive flexibility is already on the to-do list! 

@PiX64 - We’re also looking at Plex/XBMC. 

+1 for Plex

Also DLNA and/or an XBox One app now that MS has opened up the platform dev kit.

Can you add a "Max Number of Recordings for the show" option? This feature is useful to prevent older shows that are in re-runs from filling up the hard drive. For example: Five episodes of Seinfeld are enough to keep at any one time. When another episode airs, it would replace the oldest recorded show by that name that has not been marked as "Keep or Hold until I delete."
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Roku speed improvements. I seem to have issues which point to some sort of memory leak on the Tablo device. Roku and web is snappy when I hard reset my Tablo, but after 24 hrs or so loading initial screens on roku becomes very slow. I see this on web ui as well however not as dramatic. I’m connected gigabit wired all over house, all rokus are roku 3 and Tablo connected directly to 24 port gigbait switch that runs my house. Wireless is N and on some devices AC.

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Roku needs full options ie. conflicts, etc.

thumbnails for visual aid during fast forward. also being able to choose how much time for fast forward and rewind.

would love to see more than 24 hours of guide