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Options to re-sort and group the recordings. I would love a subsection “recent recordings”, “recorded today”, “recorded this week”. I would also love being able to group recordings “Mom” “Dad” “Billy” “Jane”. It would also be nice to have keyword groupings “sitcom”, “police drama”, “medical drama”. Also Filters would be great! Filter for actors, years or genres.

I think the device is great, but I think the various apps could use a lot of polish and UI enhancements.

  1. I really miss the option to swipe-to-delete in the iOS app. What used to be a quick swipe-tap to delete an episode is now tap the episode to bring up details, scroll down to show buttons, tap delete, tap OK.

  2. I went to paint our old house the other day and put on a few of my recordings to listen to while I worked. Went through about 4 GB of data in a couple of hours. That’s really bad for my cell plan. What I really want is a way, in the app, to “sync” particular episodes from Tablo into the local app, so the video can be played back without a network connection in the app. This is a feature rapidly coming to every major video content provider (Amazon, Comcast, YouTube, Plex, etc). Aside from a native Apple TV app, which I know is coming, this is the highest priority feature in my mind. I want to watch my TV in an airplane, but can’t.


I realize you’re helping to shape the roadmap, but while that happens, you might want to look into one of the third party ripping programs. Find the one that best suits your needs.

3rd Party Apps


The issue there is the amount of time it takes me to make that work. To use a 3rd party tool, I have to:

  1. Setup the auto-rip
  2. Use some tool to re-encode the videos
  3. Manually push them to my device

And now the metadata isn’t easily attached, and I can’t browse the shows using tablo app, etc.

I realize that this is a HUGE change, since right now 100% of the tablo app features require connection to the tablo unit itself, but it would be a huge value-add to the users.


Roku channel improvements:
Ability to select list or thumbnail view of scheduled recordings so users can sort by earliest date scheduled. Same for recorded programs.
Ability to add additional record time to individual scheduled recordings…not just live events.
Ability to change live TV channels on the fly.
Ability to “see” more than a day out on live TV
Recorded program series sorted so earliest episodes are on top. (I love that they are sorted by season/episode…so please don’t change that.)
Autoplay of next recorded episode

On the PC web interface:
A signal strength indicator so we can see if amplification is needed.
Ability to add channels that are not in my “market” to the guide.
Ability to create/change static IP via Tablo (create an “advanced settings” tab)
Ability to copy recordings via Tablo to 2nd HD on 2nd USB port for HD upgrades.


Roku app enhancements…
Currently, pressing the Roku remote OK button briefly displays some event status, like how many total minutes are available to watch in the currently watched event.

Adding the following is highly desired:

  1. Current time.
  2. Remaining time of current event.


Oh My Gosh - I was going to second this ( 1. Current Time / 2. Remaining Time ). Then I thought I would go back to see how many other things I might want to second. But…, this now has 1187 Posts !!!
I think there should be a table of this, preferably produced by TabloTV, that has some sort of meaning. Such as, “Great Idea” / “That’ll NEVER happen” / “On the Roadmap” / etc.


@kkoceski - I’ve looked all over for some sort of software that we could use that would allow people to up/downvote ideas but nothing I’ve seen has been affordable. It seems like such a simple concept but apparently not!



@Radojevic - We do have a survey SaaS product that we use, but what I was envisioning was a Reddit style website where there were topics (feature ideas), that users could upvote and downvote (based on what they think the priority should be) and each of those topics would have the ability to be commented upon.

All of the solutions for this type of thing I’ve seen have been crazy expensive.


I understand.
Ya know all you need is the following…

  1. List of authenticated users.
  2. List of enhancement descriptions.
  3. Method for authenticated users to vote.
  4. Database table containing the following:
    Enhancement description
    Authenticated username
    Vote type (up or down)

Add a new table record for each vote.

The table would look something like this…
EnhancementDescription UserName Vote
Last viewed event button Up
Last viewed event button Up
Last viewed event button Down


why not make a subforum for “feature requests”, put a sticky at the top stating the rules for that subforum, such as “only 1 feature per topic”, and then a poll button (I don’t know if this forum’s engine has polling support…)

If this forum’s engine has no polling support,

search free web poll


I just threw this together…

Should full “Google Live Channels” integration be a priority?


Pretty slick, Slick.


I would like the ability to rename channels and change the channel order in the guide. I had this ability with Eyetv and found it really useful.
I like to have the main networks at the top of the guide and not having to remember which local channel is ABC, CBS etc.


My top feature wish list (some I’ve seen reqested before, some I haven’t):

  • Record program you’re watching on live TV
  • While watching a program (live or recorded) a button to bring up a list of upcoming episodes (like the pop up window on the TV Shows or Scheduled tabs) so you can browse upcoming episodes, schedule future episodes to record, or set up the series to record. Bonus points for being able to continue watching the program while viewing the info
  • Same thing on the Recordings tab
  • Undelete an accidentally deleted program
  • Integration with IMDB to pull up information about a program and its cast
  • I don’t know how much time is added with the Extend Live Recordings, but it would be nice to have that as a customizable field. Possibly asking you how long to add when you schedule the recording.
  • Related to that, programs after a live event frequently run late. We need the ability to extend the recording of individual programs or series to compensate.

I have other ideas, but that’s a pretty good list for now.


Related to that, programs after a live event frequently run late. We need the ability to extend the recording of individual programs or series to compensate.

This is my #1 request. I always have to extend shows on Sunday evening because football games often run long.


An HDMI socket so I can connect directly to my TV/Entertainment center.


Add AC3, 5.1 surround sound support


not sure if it was mentioned or not since I just came on board to the forum, but dynamically updating the guide would be nice. I would rather the guide update on a automatic basis rather than me have to manually do it.