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Can we all come to your house and drink and sulk??



If at all possible, a signal strength applet would be greatly appreciated…




I’m not sure whether this “Feature Request” has already been made, nor whether it will be helpful to mention it, but here goes. (My apologies for seeming to be that ignorant/disorganized. Your forum runs software I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, so it’s taking me awhile to learn my way around.)

Can you add an option to set a “default” start/stop time for recordings? We are just getting ready to order Tablo and “cut the cord” with Dish TV. Their DVR allows setting up a system-wide “option” for recordings to start X-minutes before and end X-minutes after schedule program times. Our local stations (Springfield, Missouri) are horrible about cramming local ads in just before the start of a network program or right at the end – or something like that. :confounded:

As a result, in order to get the opening scene or final scene of many programs, I keep my Dish DVR set by default so every recording starts 1 minute early and ends 3 minutes late, and I get most of the stuff I’m trying to record.

Thanks. I hope you’re able to consider this option.



Yes, asked for many many times :wink:


Remote Log in would be awesome. If I am on a computer away from home, it would be nice to see my recordings.

It would be perfect if it could be managed through the tablo website. IE I go to and log in and select my tablo. It would then connect to it. This would save users from having to deal with knowing their ip.


Tablo works almost perfectly in Edge. It gets better video playback than chrome. For whatever reason chrome always has lip sync issues. Why not finish up a few bugs with it and make it a browser you support? If these things were fixed it would be perfect:

-Skipping and rewinding with arrow keys
-Recordings show after they have been deleted


An auto commercial skipper feature would be neat. I know this would be a huggeeeee selling point for the tablo. It would give it an advantage of your competitors. There are already APIs out there that are open source.

Why not put this as a beta feature? The tablo wouldn’t actually delete any commercials. It would just auto skip over them. That way if it marked something as a commercial that wasn’t, you could just rewind back to it.


The REPLAYTV had this and the entertainment industry sued them into oblivion… they were at one time a major contender in the home DVR market and tivo only had a miniscule share of the market … see where it got them?


uhhh… that battle has already been fought out in the courts and it is legal. look at fox vs dish. tivo has had it for years as well


I suppose it depends on the nature … ReplayTV used “Auto Commercial Advance” which auto skipped commercials on playback and it was really nice on cold winter nights when you didnt want to take your hands out from under the covers.

But the point is… there are very large companies out there with very deep and well funded pockets that would drag you into court even if the purpose isnt to win or loose but just bankrupt you out of business over this kind of thing (legal or not)

you can read more about this landmark case here


TiVo has not had an automated commercial skip for years -they have only just recently (Oct 2015) introduced automated commercial skip and only in their latest product (TiVo Bolt).
They have two test markets in progress for commercial skip for the TiVo Roamio, but no ETA on any roll-out beyond the new Bolt.

Certainly does look like TiVo would agree with you as they are indeed rolling out commercial skip now, although there is unique difference they have which is that TiVo is using people to actually mark the beginning and end of commercials to skip and the end user has to press a button to skip the block of commercials. I don’t know it this is a technology limitation, or a way of avoiding legal issues with a truly automated system to mark commercials.


that might be the loophole that they are using to avoid the torpedo that sunk ReplayTV. theirs was automatic and all done on-board on the replaytv unit itself.


I’ve been using Tablo for about a month. Some features I would like.

Ability to select audio quality ( stereo, 5.1/AC-3) I watch on a Tv with surround sound and a tablet.
Smart Tv App. I have a Samsung Smart Tv and would love to use a native app vice using the Plex app
Ability to download to a PC or device for offline use.


Tablo HW: Gigabit Ethernet. 10/100 is ok, but GigE adds a lot of potential for options (like the possibility of NAS storage instead of just USB2 HDD.)
Tablo HW: HDMI in. This would allow consolidated view of multiple sources on multiple screens. If possible, including HDCP compatibility. If HDCP is too much, at least non-HDCP for things like the XBox…
Tablo SW: Add some form of timeline view (option?) to scheduled recordings…
Tablo SW: Google Live Channels integration… I have seen this is in the works, but I wanted to mention that I want it…
Tablo SW: Faster startup of Live… I understand there is a need to buffer in order to make the stream reliable in the event of dropped packets and such, but maybe an option to tweak the live buffer to levels the user is comfortable with?


I had a plug in for it when i used windows media center that did it almost perfectly everytime. It would automatically process my recorded tv shows.

See article on this from 2009.


I would love to have a list view of recorded shows. Sometimes the show artwork isn’t clear. I would rather have a traditional DVR list option. It’s not as pretty, but is much easier to read.


Yes, and I used Com Skip on SageTV, which worked without any intervention and was 95% accurate in automatically cutting commercials. That’s nothing new, but having it in commercial products, as opposed to plug-ins and extensions is a different matter.


it already starts and ends them a bit early. 30 minute show has an extra 5 minutes.


i would like this too