Help Shape the Tablo Roadmap


The Tablo Ripper will create MP4 files that you should be able to use on your phone. There is a whole thread about it.


Tablo Ripper can be downloaded from here:

Just tried it under the new 2.2.2 Tablo firmware, and it works perfectly.


I’m familiar with the Tablo ripper. It works well but what I’m talking about is a way to download to your phone with the app and then being able to view and manage your recordings also within the app. This is a feature that I like about apps such as Google play music where you can save your music to the device and also manage it within the same app. What you are suggesting would require a computer to download the video and then transfer it to your phone which to me is nice but it would be much better to just be able to do it within the app. Also with the permission limitations on the external sd card in place on Android Lollipop that adds to the inconvenience of doing that. I realize that there are bigger issues to be resolved but II am hopingthat this suggestion will be added to the to do list. Something else I would like to see with this is a setting to download from the tablo only when connected to wifi and to automatically download new episodes in the background at a time defined by the user.


That’s actually exactly what my company does for the major cable companies. Based on what’s already in the Tablo, it would be very easy to add the feature. My personal view is that Tablo should focus on making the box and it’s associated services perfect, and open-source (or slightly more controlled “half open source”) the client software. I’m not sure if that’s within their business plans or if they’d even entertain it, but I know I’d have quite a few contributions to make to the iOS clients.


Aspect ratio. I like to watch older TV shows, so aspect ratio is a big deal to me, and some TV stations broadcast stretched 4x3 content. Grrr, argh.

There are two ways to REALLY fix this problem on the Tablo:

1.) Add an Aspect setting (for instance, while watching a channel, press menu, then toggle through the available aspect ratios – original, stretched, pillar boxed, etc.)
2.) Enable native pass through so we can control the aspect ratio for SD input on our TVs – I would prefer this option because my TVs do a much better job of upscaling SD content than Tablo does

I use Tablo primarily with an Amazon Fire TV.


Need to be able to scroll through the TV Guide either 6, 12 or 24 hours at a time with a keystroke. I would consider this essential! The arrow keys are NOT sufficient, taking way TOO much time.


@dfm4odl - Thanks for that feedback. There is a way to return to the top and scroll across quickly but not down.


What about Tablo Ripper to Dropbox which can then be used anywhere there is internet. I know having them on your phone ditrctly you can watch while flying while with dropbox you can’t.


You must have a ton of dropbox space :stuck_out_tongue:




Being able to watch TV on my iPad 2 is amazing but unfortunately the volume level is too low to hear even at the maximum setting. Can you please add a “Volume Boost” option to the Tablo iPad App. The App “Air Video HD” has this as an option and it works great. Thanks.


The Tablo video looks amazing on my HDTV connected to my Apple TV with my iPad set to AirPlay. The sound, however is okay but not nearly as good as what my old Bell HD PVR could pump out because it’s only two channel stereo. It would be amazing if you could update the Tablo to record and playback with full 5.1 surround sound to get the full home theatre experience. Thanks.


This is one of the most popular requests. However, its not being actively developed to my knowledge.


I love the ability of the Tablo to skip past commercials but Tablo seems to get bogged down after 3 skip ahead clicks. It takes several seconds to catch up. Any feature that could improve the Tablo so it can handle the skip ahead and back faster would be welcome. Also, adding an option to customize the skip ahead and skip back time would be great. This would allow one to set the jump ahead by say 30s and jump back by say only 10 seconds. Thanks.


I’m loving the Tablo so far, but something that would be amazing is if there was some way to track who has watched what in a multi-viewer household. We sometimes watch the same shows, but don’t watch together. Our current system of keeping track is:

“Have you watched this, can I delete it?” “No.”
“Have you watched this, can I delete it?” “No.”
“Have you watched this, can I delete it?” “No.”
“Have you watched this, can I delete it?” “Yes.”

I’d rather manually delete stuff rather than relying on the auto-delete feature.

  • My current favorite idea is some kind of color tagging solution. We
    would assign ourselves a certain color from whatever is provided.
    Then, after we watch something, we can select a “tag” option and then
    a small color dot would show up somewhere on the season/episode
    screen? After one of us notices that an episode has all our color
    tags they’d know it’s safe to delete it.
  • I guess another idea would be to add “Profiles” to Tablo, and when we
    load the Tablo app, we select our name. The Netflix Roku app asks us to select a profile when launched.

There are pros/cons for either idea. I’m sure other people would have better ideas.


@swphreak - You can mark something as unwatched even when you’ve watched it:

So if you’re the first to watch it, mark it as unwatched for the person who’s coming to watch after you. If you see it’s been watched next time, you know it’s ready to be deleted.


Yes, I’m aware of the option, but that still requires me to be the “DVR police” and question if a show can be deleted. It’d be nice if there was a definitive way to keep track of who has watched what. A simple watched/unwatched doesn’t tell me much other than an episode has been watched by someone.


Im sure this has been asked for before but an “autoplay” / “binge watch” mode for a season would be nice… I am finding myself more and more watching more than one episode of a show to get caught up and I appreciate this feature on PLEX … I miss it when I watch content on the TABLO …


Yes please! I’d love to “autoplay” Seinfeld as I’m doing random things around the house. :wink:


@ericgus - Binge watch is definitely on the radar!