Help Shape the Tablo Roadmap


The plan is to add support for larger drives in the next little while. 

We also plan to add the ability to download shows for offline storage (like a NAS).

We don’t plan to add support for recording directly to networked storage due to the varying speeds of network drives.

If this would be forthcoming that would be great.



I think it has been mentioned before, but I would love for there to be an indicator for when the frames are generated on the Roku for easy fast forwarding. Often I won’t know when I can start watching my show after it ends, and I am afraid of starting it too early and missing out on the frame generation. It has become one of my favorite features of Tablo, so I really miss it when it isn’t there.


@getcashmoney - I’ve passed this along to the team. They agree it’d be a cool feature!


I would like to be able to automatically save only the most recent episode of a show. I record the national news every day,would like only the latest episode on hard drive wether I watched it or not.


@Mikecos, that is an often requested feature here. I would think it would implemented someday, but no word yet on when.


What would be more generally useful would be a setting that allowed the user to specify on a show-by-show basis how many episodes to keep.


Down-mixed audio is turning into one of my bigger frustrations. I really wish they would fix that. It seems like AC3 pass-thru would be kind of a no-brainer.


@Scott_Curtis Placing an AC3 stream into the stream they are using might be difficult. Not sure. It’s not like Tablo is merely taking OTA to disk… it converts into a more efficient stream for storage size and network. With that said, it’s definitely one of the more requested enhancements, just might not be supported by the current “chip” they use (might require new Tablo generation, might require new/changed streaming protocol).


This is entirely a software problem. Tablo stated pretty early on (before the quad-tuner boxes even shipped) that the hardware supported it and that it would be supported in a future software release. A standard ATSC broadcast is MPEG-4 with AC3 (DD 5.1) audio. Tablo is not transcoding to a different codec. They are applying compression (which I wish I could turn off for quality reasons). It doesn’t really matter either way though, because audio pass-thru has been supported by most transcoding software for YEARS. This is not rocket science. It is not cutting edge. It is basic, basic stuff and the fact that I’ve had my device for almost a year and it still provides inferior sound quality really annoys me.


Here is another quality-related feature I would love to see. Instead of having to choose between everything being encoded to 720p or 1080p, there should be an option to encode at whatever resolution was actually broadcast.


Apple TV may be something to start thinking about now :wink:


Our lead iOS dev has his golden ticket to WWDC. If the news we think will happen comes to fruition, he’ll be racing back to get started on it.


What the Tablo folks have said on this board is that the 720p/1080p setting only affects 1080i channels. 720p is always 720p, while 1080i is either recorded at 720p or 1080p depending on that setting.


@Scott_Curtis Well… then it sort of makes sense that is does transcode since it’s playing with the audio … yes?? The ability to compress the video and preserve the audio stream may not be a function of the Xcode chip they are using… again, I’m not totally sure. Again, it is a much requested feature… so you’d think if it didn’t require rocket science they would have just done it by now, at least as an option (??).


Just because something is not rocket science does not mean they do not have a large backlog of items to work on. You are presuming this one has taken forever because it is murderously difficult. I suspect that it is taking forever because Tablo has other fish to fry that are more important to more users. I’ve spent the last 16 years of my life working in IT development organizations. I have some idea of how software is built and it isn’t magic. The Tablo guys said over a year ago that there was no hardware impediment to adding the feature. I checked before I spent a pile of money on a quad-tuner box with a lifetime subscription and antenna and a hard drive. I am just getting frustrated by how long it is taking to fix it.


Also, the soundtrack and video components are somewhat independent. You do not have to screw with the video to down-mix the audio. I’ve spent a lot of years ripping discs and working with compressed files and codecs of various types. I understand the subject reasonably well.


@Scott_Curtis. Yes, you’ve got it right. I believe I asked the question about whether the hardware could support AC3. Tablo initially said AC3 support in 2H2014, but later changed their priorities. I don’t think Tablo has ever stated they are working on it/have worked on it. The last statement from Tablo may have been that AC3 will be on an upcoming survey (which it was).


I am just very frustrated, because I can get better quality by downloading shows off Usenet than I can by recording them with my $600 investment in equipment and licensing.



Usenet is illegal, Tablo is not.


That is entirely beside the point. Something I record off-the-air on a DVR should be much higher quality some a compressed file someone recorded off cable.