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It may have been mentioned before, but if I watch a program on my tv via my Firetv app, when I try to pull up the same program on my iPad at the gym, it starts from the beginning, not where I left off. It should work like the Apple TV does, it remembers where you are in your program.

I mentioned this in my topic here, but was told to list here as well:

I would love for the search function to search through all of the parts of my Tablo (recordings, scheduled, live tv, primetime, movies, and sports). Right now it only searches through whatever page you are on. Example: I’m in Recordings and search for a show. I’d like it to show my recordings, but also anything that I could record. The way the search button is placed, it really feels like it is part of the Tablo App (like the menu bar) not each section.

I feel like this function should be universal throughout the app.

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@faganm24 - Good request! This is something we’ll definitely look at!

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Hey Tablo, is there a way to see your ‘master list’ of prioritized improvements? Or at least let us know what the next things you hope to accomplish are, like in this Fiscal Year? I’ll be honest, the only reason I went with Tablo is because you are very transparent and I could see you were working on one of my top priorities (Roku), but now that I feel roku pretty much meets my needs, I’d like to see what else you’re working on. I’d like to see what smart TV manufacturers you’re developing apps for (I want to upgrade my TV, but if you’re going to leap into that market, I’m willing to wait), whether Wii U / Xbox / PS3/4 app development is on your list (I’d much rather use my PS3 than my Roku, but from what I see there isn’t much demand for it), or if the ability to have multiple Tablos in multiple markets (i.e., for those of us in the military who still want to watch our parents’ local TV channels so we can get our home team sports games) is being considered an option.

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@mtrodrig84 - You can already have multiple Tablos in multiple markets as long as you’re OK with relying on pairing.

As for the rest of our roadmap, this isn’t something we publish. We are working on apps for SmartTVs (Samsung, Sharp, LG) and I’m also pushing for us to think about gaming consoles. Other than that, I can’t tell you much more unfortunately.

If someone inquires about something specific and I know it’s coming up in the next release then I will let that person know.

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Would love to have a “Live TV” button… I had this on our Dish DVR. Essentially, if I pause a TV show while I run to the bathroom, once the commercials come up I know my bathroom break was less time than the commercial break will be so for now I have to hit fast forward. A LIVE TV button would just jump and catch you back up to Live TV…

For the ROKU interface this could be done under the “options” button since I know you cant add a physical button.

Outside of that one, I will second (or third or fourth?) the request for AC3 pass through and the comment that the current channel continue to play when accessing the guide… A small window to allow you to continue to watch whatever was on while you see if other things are more appealing…


@Daniel454 - Love the ‘LIVE TV’ button! Great suggestion.

The Live that is displayed on the right of the status bars should just be a button to catch-up to live. I’ve tried this a lot before I gave up that it was doing anything.

I have a suggestion for the Roku interface. I like the Beta interface, but I’d love to be able to access the guide without changing the channel or stopping watching what I’m watching. It would be great if, while in live tv, the up arrow brought up a menu of activities. This could include a record button to record the current show, which is currently not possible in the Roku, a schedule button to schedule a series/future recording of the show, and a guide button to bring up an overlay of the guide, while the stream continues to play. I’m sure there’s space in there for other stuff as well, maybe a button for recordings as well.

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All great ideas. I just don’t know if the Roku is up to the task, it’s not that powerful of a device when its come to CPU and RAM. This is referring to the new Roku 3, the older Roku models suffer with the current new Tablo UI.

I am currently troubleshooting a couple of grainy channels and Just thought: I would find it awesome if Tablo included a signal strength meter/tester inside of its app. I understand that it gives a snapshot of signal quality (red, orange, green), but I would like to see a real-time strength % meter, which I can use to monitor while I’m adjusting the antenna. I would like the app to show all channels in a scrollable format so that I can see in a single view, when some signals are improving and others are degrading, then I can find the optimal position for my antenna in real time, while adjusting it. I’m thinking something similar to, but instead of viewing one channel at a time, view all channels (or as many as can fit on a screen) at one time. Basically, i’d like to see the current channel list when adding/removing channels in the ‘settings’ screen of the android app, but with % figures instead of colors, and I’d like it to be in real time. If you can do that, it would greatly optimize my setup experience.

Would also like to be able to download recordings from my HDD to my tablo connect device. Similar to that of Vudu using Vudu-to-go or Amazon Music, which both allow me to download my purchased content onto any device. Similarly, would like Tablo Connect to download from my HDD and store on my mobile device for offline viewing.

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Would love to have a new tab for “Series Manager” where I can see the series I’ve scheduled for recording, whether or not there are currently scheduled recordings. Most cable TV companies offer this in their set top boxes now. It would let me see the series I want to record, and edit recording details for those series (start recordings 5/10/15 minutes early, stop recordings 5/10/15 minutes late, only new, only HD, etc) or cancel recording that series, even when there’s no upcoming shows scheduled.

Snowcat indicated that series will only show up in the “Scheduled” tab if there’s a listing for that series in the current 14 day window.

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There’s an option to extend live recordings. It’d be nice if there was an option to extend recordings where one of the previous four or so shows was live. Because the start time often gets pushed back.

Like if there’s a football game on, then 60 Minutes, then The Good Wife, if you recorded the Good Wife, it’d be nice if it automatically extended the recording.


@EricLarson - That’s an interesting wrinkle… I’ll bring this up with the team.

Last night I recorded the Lions game, and it recorded 5hrs and 15 mins. Big Brother got moved to 1:35 AM and the Tablo caught it and recorded that for me as well. So it does pretty good with the game here.

That’s a great idea. It’s one of the important missing features, and ideally would allow you, from one place, to check series that have been scheduled, delete series from the schedule that have been cancelled or you’re no longer interested in, and perhaps even prioritize which shows get recorded in the event more shows are being selected for recording in any given time slot than you have available tuners.

The last item could unknowingly be an issue when shows are deliberately extended for an additional minute and run into the next hourly slot. So if you have a 2 tuner Tablo, and a show on CBS runs from 8:00 - 9:01 PM, and you’ve also selected shows on ABC and TheCW to record from 9:00 - 10:00 PM, there may be a conflict. I don’t know how Tablo handles this conflict, whether one show in the later time slot starts a minute late or gets cancelled entirely. It would be nice if we could start and end shows a little early or a little late, as opposed to setting up to do a manual recording to fix the problem.

I like that last bit. We should be able to put all of our series recordings into a priority order, and if we don’t catch the conflicts and manually change the resolution, the Tablo should use the priority order to auto-correct the recording. I think any time the Tablo auto-fixes a conflict, then the higher priority show should record completely, and the lower priority show should start recording after the high priority one finishes (instead of completely canceling it).

Never seen this as a feature on a DVR, but makes sense.

My recording of Big Brother on Sunday started on time, but BB started 30 minutes late and the recording ended as if it started on time.

Sometimes Tablo extends recordings randomly, but this one ended on time.