Has anyone else noticed missing recordings?

Hi Guys, This might sound weird because it is hard to pinpoint exactly since it does a great job at recording all my shows BUT I occasionally notice missing recordings!

For example, the season finale of Big Brother showed a recording symbol in the guide that night but the next day, nothing recorded…no season final anywhere!
Good thing I seen it at a friend’s house, no biggie.

BUT last night I also noticed my 11pm News from CBS didn’t record even though it has been recording for a year now, weird. It is still scheduled in my guide, shows the being recorded symbol in guide during the show, has no conflicts but just never shows up in my recordings.

Is this a NEW BUG from latest firmware update?
Does Nuvyyo support already know about this?

I record at 720P only so I haven’t noticed any of the other firmware bugs luckily, except for this one.
Thanks everyone.

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Unfortunately a known bug. They are working to fix it.


Thanks “theuser86”, unless you read this forum it is hard to keep up with the bugs lately, LOL.
I am not having the Roku reboot issue as much (only once a week now maybe, compared to once an hour) so I am happy. And my settings have always been 720P so I didn’t notice the please wait issue much (seen it maybe twice for a second, no problem) BUT missing shows with no warning or notice you missed it isn’t good for me since I record all the new series and wouldn’t know if I missed any episode.
I hope they figure this one out fast!

It can’t be tied to the ROKU since I can’t see the shows even on my PC using Chrome, so this bug is in TabloTV unit itself. It can’t be blamed the ROKU this time.

Thanks again.

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Yes it’s a big bug and annoying.

Is there a thread about this issue? I thought I saw one last night that @TabloTV replied to, but can’t find it now. I thought they said the recordings were there, just not showing up and they’d have to figure out how to get them on the list of recordings.

I’ve noticed this with four times in the past week or so. This bug is bad, not annoying.

  • Limitless (pilot replay on Saturday)
  • Castle S08E02
  • NCIS S13E02
  • NCIS-LA S07E02

Maybe it doesn’t like the second episodes. I may have to subscribe to Hulu.

@EricLarson - You’re not crazy. We are working on this issue and in the databases we’d seen, the recordings are indeed there (and the folks who are able to use the download utilities to get them confirm this). We’re working on an overall fix as well as a way to extract these recordings from the database purgatory they’ve weaseled their way into.

I have been having this problem as well. In addition I keep buffering over and over. Nothing has changed but both problems started at the same time. I even went out and bought a new Roku thinking it was the problem, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Tablo didn’t record Survivor last night. This is NOT acceptable. First time ever that I’m ready to consider an alternative. What are the supposed recovery utilities?

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What download utilities? I assume hooking up the drive and accessing the drives that way? I tried the .NET and JAVA applications, but they pull from the database I’m guessing.

What’s the file system?

Survivor also didn’t record for me. Hope that they figure this one out soon. Don’t like that CBS is now trying to put their own pay streaming service together called CBS All Access. I don’t need another pay streaming service. Hulu does the job most of the time but I don’t know why anyone would pay for the commercial free service when it isn’t commercial free. My Tablo has been one of the best investments I have made in a while. I have enjoyed their service and support. Looking forward to when this issue is resolved. It is a sad when it doesn’t record a scheduled football game that I am unable to watch live.

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It doesn’t appeal to me as with antenna, I can get CBS for free. But I am always glad for more streaming options. Might be good for someone who can’t pickup CBS via antenna and who wants all the back catalog of previous seasons that it offers. But for that price it should include sports as well to offer something Hulu doesn’t - although perhaps when current contracts expire, they will renegotiate that aspect.

I’ve not really experienced this issue yet, knock on wood. But, I also export majority of shows (Thanks Jestep) and playback as QT movie via EyeTV, iTunes, etc.

Interesting to me that some are seeing this on CBS though? With their “pay” app model I wonder if there’s some monkey business with regard to “broadcast flags” which may be going on?

If this is the 1st time hearing about ATSC “broadcast flag” I suggest you do some internet searches and acquaint yourself with the possibilites.

Remember - Broadcasters are working hard to “game” viewers all the time. They’re a necessary evil but they’re not our friend(s).

If you ever feel a broadcast station is playing around with the OTA stream, contact the FCC and ask them to investigate.

It was worth it just for the Big Brother Live feeds :smile:

I set my Tablo each week to record the Packer Game, I go back a day or two later and the timers to record are gone. The one way I was able to insure capture of my programs is to “record all episodes”, you get a ton repeats, but I finally get the episodes lost by the tablo.

None of my recordings last night showed up under recordings. Disk space was used, so the recordings are there just not accessible.

The shows were on NBC last night. Hope they get this fixed soon.

We have a fix for the ‘purgatory recordings’ that we’ll be pushing into beta soon. Thanks for your patience guys.


That’s great news, can’t come soon enough being the fall tv season has begun already.
Thanks so much!

I realize you have a fix, but it’d be nice if you could add anonymous FTP (or something similar) to the recordings.

I know they’re in segments and navigating them by ID would be terrible, but we could probably eventually find hem and piece them together with ffmpeg. Once we find the recording, we could use ffmpeg to pull the entire recording.

Adding FTP wouldn’t take much work.

@TabloTv Hope this helps, I’ve noticed it doesn’t record a show if I am watching it, or if I was watching that channel just before. Example : I was watching channel 62 from 7:30 to 8:00, at 8:00 I switched to channel 12, both channels had scheduled recordings: 12 - 8:00 to 9:00 and 62 - 8:30 to 9:00, I watched channel 12. Neither shows were recorded. This has happened before, but I thought I screwed something up, because it was always the same show. But now these are two different shows and channels.

Is this the root of the problem, and does your fix correct this problem ? When will this fix be available ?

@DaveTV - The fix will both prevent this from happening and rescue your recordings from purgatory.

I don’t have a specific ETA for this, but we’re working very hard to get it out ASAP.