Can't connect to Recordings tab in web browser

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My problems began with recordings missing from the web browser view ( but the recordings appeared and played okay from my Roku devices. The problem now is that the recordings tab is blank when I access it @ I can’t view or manage recordings at all @, but I can from the Roku devices.

Are you using a beta version of the Chrome browser by chance?

No, I’m using Chrome Version 45.0.2454.101 m (64-bit) not the beta version.

Can you try the 32-bit version of Chrome?

The 32-bit (Version 45.0.2454.101 m) of Chrome has the same problems as the 64-bit version.

Boo. That sucks. The last cry for help is try the website: also doesn’t work - seems to be the same as Viewing live tv has also stopped working from the browser interface, but works fine from the Roku devices.

Try rebooting your TABLO

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I’m having the same problem - no recordings or live TV on the web app. Did you find a solution yet?

After opening an incident report with Tablo Support, I did a factory reset per their instructions which solved the problem. The problem with a factory reset is you lose all your recordings. I recommend you work with Tablo Support.

I fixed my problem but I did a few things that TabloTech support suggested.
First I tried a different browser, firefox but I don’t remember now if that helped (sorry I didn’t reply sooner while i remembered). So then I thought let me clear the Chrome browser cache and cookies. And i believe that allowed the TabloTV page to show up at least but it wouldn’t connect. So then I did a reboot of the Tablo by pressing the blue button on the back briefly. And that did the trick for me!
Luckily I didn’t need to hold the blue button down for a complete factory reset, oh man would that have upset me!
I have tons of shows still need to catch up on. (That’s the point of a DVR, rainy day reserve).
I hope this helps or you fixed it by now.