Fox News Channel?

Try this.

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Interesting… It works, thanks for the link


No problem. That was one of the first things I tracked down when I cut the cord.

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There are a couple of sites out there like this, but their servers get overloaded on occasion, especially when there’s a major news event. The quality leaves something to be desired, but, it’s better than nothing, so I stream it from the laptop and use Chromecast to get it on the big screen TV. That let’s me get my O’Reilly fix.

I keep hoping that FOX will offer a subscription, or that Sling TV will get the rights to include it in their package as an alternative to CNN.

I believe there’s a mental health clinic that helps kick O’Reilly addictions.

Suggest we ignore the troll and move on… nothing to see here.

You brought up the subject.

SKYNEWS is available on Roku and on Pluto TV, and CBSN is on all streaming boxes.

Got 'em all, and just got a 30 day trial of The Blaze TV for $1… not a bad deal.

The Blaze is good. They have some very good investigative journalist pieces (For the Record).

I too wish Fox News was somehow available streaming. You can’t even stream it on Roku with a cable subscription.

The solution is PlayStation Vue, which was just launched nationally a few days ago. It streams all the cable channels and has a built-in DVR (no conflicts, no space limitations). The monthly fee varies by how many channels you select and where you are.

Much as I love Tablo, there are certain channels I cannot do without - especially during an election season. I have to be able to watch the debates. So I bought a used PS3 (late model with a flash drive) for cheap and signed up. I still use Tablo - I love all those funky OTA channels! But I use PlayStation Vue just as much. It’s far cheaper than cable TV. Also, I’ve heard that in some areas, PlayStation Vue doesn’t include the broadcast channels. Tablo makes that a non-issue.

I live in NYC and they’re converting all the old phone booths into free hi-speed WiFi hotspots with USB charging ports and Android tablets for video calls. The goal is to provide free WiFi city-wide. How cool is that?! I detest Time Warner Cable but I’m still stuck with them for cable internet because there are no competitors in my building, and I have to have hi-speed internet - not only for streaming television but for work. These free WiFi hotspots are actually FASTER than my cable internet. If I can access the hotspot on the corner from my apartment (when they turn it on), bye-bye TWC. Probably won’t be happening soon, but it’s fun to dream.

I agree… The PlayStation Vue service might be the way to go… Especially now that they have an Amazon Fire TV app. I just signed up for Sling to get the $50 discount on a new FireTV, but will probably be switching to PS Vue after the initial 3 months. Another big advantage beyond channels is PS Vue’s multi-device streaming policy (I believe 5) vs Sling’s single device streaming policy…

I have PlayStation Vue. It’s worth it. Sling TV didn’t offer what I wanted and PlayStation Vue give more bang for the buck, even if it’s an extra 10 dollars.

BEWARE! That link brings up a bogus messaged about a Flash Player update, and ttys to install a
“media player” as well. It’s a plant.

I only use that link with the Maxthon browser. The ad blocker stops everything on that site.

Old post, but this can be watched on Android TV free as well.

The only way is to get an online username and password from a friend or family member that is a subscriber to a cable or satellite company. Dish Network does not offer this benefit for FNC. The other alternative is to watch Newmax TV. You can get it on any device without a username or password totally for free. They are also a conservative news outlet.

Actually, you can get FNC on the Playstation Vue service, costing $30/month. It’s a nice package of streaming services from Sony.

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Ive been pretty happy with CBSNews free streaming all/most of the day

I thought I would miss cnn the most…