Fox News Channel?

Anyone know of a way to Watch Fox News Channel without a cable/Satellite subscription?  I know they aren’t in Sling TV, not sure if there are any other options.

The only way is to borrow an cable or DirecTv email address from a friend or family member that has cable/satellite, and use it register on their web site.

While it isn’t Fox, One America News is available on the Roku Filmon channel under Pay TV Channels.

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Fox, CNN, etc. are cable channels, they sell their feeds and don’t broadcast over “FREE” OTA to my knowledge. Cable or subscription only for “cable networks”. 

If they are on the Internet services such as Roku, etc. - it’s because they are being paid for the feeds, they don’t give it away like free broadcast TV, paid for by advertisers. (and we pay the advertisers by seeing the commercials and going out to buy their products)

Plex has a Fox News channel.  It’s just clips, but it’s a ton of clips and some are quite long… it’s probably 80-90% of what you get watching Fox News without the constant repetition of course!

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Thanks. I have the Fox News app on Roku but didnt know they had a way to pay for tge channel like SlingTV

The Plex channel is a Fox News scraper… no fees…

. it's probably 80-90% of what you get watching Fox News without the constant repetition of course!


I consider not having FOX News one of the small blessings and side benefits of getting rid of cable.


Got to get your news from somewhere so it might as be the place with the hottest chicks and while all news station definitely lean one way or another, at least fox has people from both sides on.

I don't want this to be political so I will leave it at that, to each their own.

4 Likes is a 24-7 news by CBS, available online and Roku.  Maybe other devices too.

Aside from the Tablo realm, I choose an article video to view from on my iPad. Then onto the big screen TV via AirPlay within Apple TV.  These articles are most always at least one day old. ( I can wait 'cause it’s free…and no commercials!)

CBS News - It’s available on Fire TV too

We tried CBSN prior to SlingTV (CNN). It was not bad. They did not always have the best coverage of breaking news and had this weird problem with periodically repeating 5-10 seconds of the broadcast multiple times.

Actually reminded me of CNN’s early days. Wolf Blizter was relatively unknown until the first Gulf War. I have always felt that the first Gulf War made 24 hours stations explode in popularity.

And it’s been down hill since…

Amen, assuming you mean downhill since 24 hour news.

Online news channels

I get my 24 hour news from a short-wave station in N Korea. Pretty accurate.

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace is on the Fox Network OTA. Also, or their iOS/Android app has lots of FREE news clips from the various shows. I actually prefer this to scrubbing through DVR recordings or waiting for the stories/shows I want live from the FNC. Also I have found NewsMax to be a good substitute for Fox News. I have the NewsMax iOS app and I can watch their cable/sat channel LIVE at anytime for FREE, no cable/sat subscription required. You have to have a cable/sat subscription for the CNN & FNC apps. I am fine with my FREE news options and you will be too after you have recovered from the excruciating but temporal FNC withdrawal.

CBSN is a free live 24 hour news station on Roku and I assume other devices. We get CNN on the base SlingTV package.