Fox News Channel?

I have found that watching the clips from the Fox News App works pretty well.  You can watch Live Tv from their website too, I use my Chromecast to cast it to my Big TV as well

If I could figure out a way to get the Fox News feeds off of my Windows Phone I would gladly donate it to you guys.  :)

@shadowpapa May I also recommend Pravda’s English version online.  lol.

Get USTVNOW as a ROKU channel to get FOx News & others ($30 month), $10 more & you can DVR in their cloud.

The only way to get Fox news legally without a cable bundle that I know of, is to subscribe to t-mobile TV, assuming of course you have a t-mobile phone. I think the service costs about $15/month, and it includes some other decent content too, like some live sports from NBC Sports Network.

There is a Fox News Channel app for ROKU that includes live audio (FOX Radio), Full Shows, latest show clips, series and specials. Does NOT require cable tv. There is also a Newsmax app for ROKU. One America Network has a paid ROKU channel or it is also on FilmON. There is Skynews on ROKU.

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A bunch of Fox News channel stuff was just added to Hulu Plus also.

Right on!

You can install the cCloudTV private channel on Roku and get all sorts of IPTV streams of various channels. This should round-out your cutting the cable experience quite nicely.

There are also some other non authorized streaming channels for watching Fox, tho most aren’t high quality. I do have a Sling account and get CNN along with the other channels, and have requested that they add FNC to the lineup. Since Sling is owned by Dish, they have access to the FNC feeds, but their agreements may preclude them from carrying it. This was one of the hardest things to give up when I cut the cord and cancelled DirecTV after being a “loyal customer” for 19 years. My hope is that as the cord cutting trend continues, Fox will see the handwriting on the wall and begin offering streaming of their feed for a monthly fee, or partner with an existing service to deliver live content.

I’m wondering if you disagree with the following description of cCloud:

“There is nothing legal about cCloud TV, a service that pirates live television stations and allows users to stream them to a wide range of devices for free” which is published in a review at

They provide freely available IPTV links and have avoided every DMCA takedown request due to that fact. If something is freely available on the web from the actual content holders, I feel that if you weren’t supposed to have access to it, they would take better precautions to not make it accessible. Legal gray area? Sure. But is it any worse than plugging your QAM capable TV into your cable line if you have cable internet service and picking up the first 30-50 channels in your providers lineup even though you’re not paying for cable TV service? I doubt it.

@Limbo We have T-Mobile phones. The reports about their TV Channel was really negative a year ago. Do you actually have that subscription now?


LMAO at the thought of “Fox has people from both sides on”. OMG, you’re nuts! The opposing side is almost always someone with no television experience and no live support outnumbered 3 to 1 by experienced hosts receiving live coaching on top of the fact that they interrupt the opposition or cut to commercial before they can respond. Their resident “Liberals” like Alan Colmes have no respect in the actual liberal community.
Fox personalities are FORCED to express the stations opinions and have consistently lost in court when suing to gain freedom of expression. How you can tolerate this programming or claim it’s the same on all the stations is beyond me.


TiminOhio, your claim about fox news is false.

Please do a simple Google search before making claims; there is no record of Fox personalities suing and losing in court to gain freedom of expression. That is an urban legend per Snopes.


Is it possible to stream it on your computer and use the TV as a monitor. Why won’t this work?

It does but if you get a Chromecast you can send it from PC to Tv via wi fi. I was hoping the Fox News app actually had the ability to watch Live tv but it does not

Roku works as well?

You can watch the Foxnews app on Roku but not stream live,Fox news to the Roku

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I guess I got lucky After all my cable gear was removed and my own cable modem installed for giggles I attached the cable to my TV antenna. Found Fox news and 95 other channels…

So glad you refer to the Fox team as “personalities” and not journalists.