Flickering/split screen issue

Ok, so recently my local CBS channel has been flickering when recording NFL games (or during live, even). It starts ok, then starts to flicker, then sometimes will divide the screen to top and bottom (1/2 each), continuing to flicker. As far as I can tell, this is only happening with NFL games (or at least that’s only where I’ve noticed it). CBS is one of the strongest signal channels I receive.

I have two tablos, and both exhibit the same issue on this channel with these games, so I’m thinking it’s some sort of broadcast issue? It’s almost like the Tablo is having difficulty deciding what format the signal is broadcast in and it keeps trying to find the right aspect ratio (and FAILING MISERABLY).

I’ve changed the setting from 1080 to 720 with no effect. Any ideas on what to do?


It would be a weak OTA signal. Are you using a splitter to feed both Tablo units? Remove the splitter.

The same thing is happening to us. It’s only CBS, but I believe we noticed the issue yesterday when attempting to watch college football. There is NO problem if we switch to antenna TV! Tells me it’s not a “broadcast issue”! Actually, there was no “screen splitting” yesterday…just horrible “reception” on Tablo. Was fine with antenna TV.

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Signal is strong. I’m actually using different antennas for each (one inside/one outside), so I’m really thinking it’s something in the signal that Tablo can’t handle.

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I’m really thinking this is a Tablo issue as I have the same results as you with an antenna hooked directly to my TV. It’s just a cheapo indoor flat antenna, it’s about 20 feet inside the house and not near a window. Reception is perfect on CBS (Phoenix AZ) as are the couple other channels I can get with this hook up. This is really bumming me out as I thought I had reception locked in and everything was working well. It only started doing this in the last week or so.

The antennas hooked to the Tablos are (1) an outdoor antenna and (2) an indoor flat antenna which is in a window. Each has it’s own antenna, they are quite different antennas and yet the problem is identical.

I hope someone from Tablo takes a look at this and comes up with a fix.

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Here’s part of what’s happening:

It jumps like crazy stretching, then shrinking, again, like it can’t decide what aspect this signal is being broadcast in.

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Does it only do this on your computer? What browser is that?

Does it do it on your smartphone or tablet (such as iPhone or iPad)? Or say a stand-alone device like a Roku or Fire TV?

The browser is Opera, but it does it on Chrome too. It does it on everything… FireTV, computer (browser), Android tablet/phone. And just to be clear, while I referenced football, it is happening on ALL broadcasts on this channel. This wasn’t happening before, only started a few days to a week ago. Before then, everything was rock solid.

Maybe CBS changed something on the broadcast end, but my TV handles it fine, it’s just the Tablo that has issues. So whether the issue is that or not, Tablo needs to be able to handle it as well. It would be nice if there was a setting on the Tablo that would allow the user to select what aspect a channel is received in. All this automatic crap isn’t so great.

We are obviously watching the identical broadcast! We are in Queen Creek. I have a TCL 6 series Roku TV with an outdoor (expensive :-)) antenna connected to a Tablo 4 tuner. Other than “antenna->Tablo->Roku TV”, it’s all WiFi. We get about 90 channels with this antenna. We “select” about 35 - and we have no issues with any. CBS with no football (on Tablo) is also bad. We have no “live TV” on the streaming apps (Sling, Hulu, etc.) to compare. I will check other devices…Android phone, iPhone, Mac, Windows 10. If the result is important I will respond. It appears to be Tablo. We record a ton of stuff…lots on CBS. We will be in deep CACA if this continues after today with all the new shows starting up!

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Sounds like a Phoenix issue then. Sure looks like CBS did something to screw up the Tablo. I always wonder if this sort of thing is intentional. I actually switched away from a TCL Roku TV to firesticks because of lip sync issues (I guess it’s fairly common for TCL Roku TV’s).

Unrelated or not, I had trouble connecting to ONE of my Tablos. Then, it gave me a ‘no storage’ message. Then, I restarted and it came back, but while the recording page is listing the shows, half don’t have graphics. I would say it is a failing Tablo or a failing hard drive, but I have two separate tablos on two separate antennas with two separate hard drives. It’s just pretty wonky at this point.

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Speaking of wonky, here’s a screen shot of my recording for a game. I assure you I didn’t record it this many times, nor could I. The actual list extends about 10 more down.

I’m in Mesa, AZ and I have the same problem on CBS NFL games. The issue occurs on a ROKU stick, ROKU Quad receiver and on an android phone. The issue occurs in recordings and live tv. It is not limited to NFL games. I have an outdoor mast mount antenna pointed at South Mountain where the broadcast towers are. I have clear line of site to the antennas so it isn’t a signal level problem

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Same problem here. Also in queen creek suburb of Phoenix. Only happens on cbs.

Just started in the last day or so.

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I have the exact same problem here in Goodyear AZ (CBS only). Just started yesterday. I have tried everything. Nothing fixes it. ALL of my other channels work perfectly. I get a great picture with my Tablo antenna hooked directly to my TV. Even tried a cheap flat antenna that I had and it worked perfectly too. I use a Roku on 2 TVs and a FireStick on another. All have this problem on CBS only. Lots of new shows recording next week and they will not be watchable.
Tablo Support please fix this problem.


Mine works fine if I bypass the Tablo and feed the antenna directly into the tv.

That Eliminates the antenna, cable, Roku and router as the culprit.

It must be an incompatibility between the tablo tuner and the CBS broadcast.

I think the Tablo team needs to take a look at the broadcast format of CBS here in Phoenix and figure out why the Tablo tuner can’t handle it.

My unit is one of the original 4 tuner models.

Would be interesting to see if the newer models do the same thing.

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Well, that’s just SUPER weird.

We’d love to get access to some recordings that exhibit this. If you’ve managed to get more than 10 seconds of video captured on your Tablo that exhibits this, drop a note to support and let them know the date/time/title of the recording.

We can download some of the video from your Tablo and try to figure out what CBS is doing: www.tablotv.com/ask-tablo/

I have a recording from yesterday morning (Sunday).

The Show is CBS news Sunday morning.

Recorded from 7:00am to 8:30 am.

Please let me know what other info you need to get to it


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You’ll need to open a ticket with support so they can get remote access: www.tablotv.com/ask-tablo/

Ticket submitted. Included MAC address so you should be able to find my unit.

Thanks for the quick responses. Good luck!

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Same issue with CBS. [Split/flicker on CBS in Peoria Arizona] If I bypass the Tablo unit, CBS is able to be received but when running thru my Tablo it develops the problem described by everyone else. All other channels are fine. Issue happens both when watching live and when pulling up recording. I just reformatted my drive so the CBS recording from last night is the only thing on the drive - I will submit a trouble ticket if you want more footage to look at for trouble shooting. BTW - Tablo thank you for the quick look into this - most appreciated! I loved seeing you already talking to the users today.

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