KPHO CBS Channel 5.1 Flickering Again

Here in the Phoenix AZ area, KPHO CBS channel 5.1 has begun flickering and showing a split screen. The problem began on the afternoon of July 7th. This is like the old problem we had last fall (see this thread: Flickering/split screen issue)

Thanks for letting us know!

Have you contacted them yet?

Anyone else in Phoenix seeing the same thing?

No, I haven’t contacted KPHO because this appears to be a code change similar to the issue we had last Fall. See my link to the old thread. Tablo is having issues with the signal, but it plays fine through an antenna connected directly to the tv with Tablo out of the loop.

Sometime after 9am this morning the issue appears to have resolved. Looks like KPHO undid whatever change they made to their signal yesterday. Hopefully it stays fixed.

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Keep us posted if you see it again!

We’re in Mesa, AZ. Ours started doing that last night. The only station! I sent this to our local CBS5…

Ever since last night, CBS5 (with antenna) has been having a split screen and flickering. The last time this happened in Sept 2019, Tablo Support contacted you and you used a backup until the problem could be solved. Please fix this very annoying issue, as I record a lot of CBS5 programs! No other channel does this, if that helps you out. See the example below that someone posted in the 2019 issue.


*I also sent them an attachment from last September when this happened. At that time Tablo contacted them and they used a back-up system until they could fix the problem. It was doing it this morning as well, but has currently stopped!?!

The flickering is back again. KPHO CBS channel 5.1 has started flickering and showing a split screen again starting this afternoon.

Blerg… We’ll touch base with them today.

We are having the same problem. CBS 5-1 flickering / spit screen. Have re scanned.
zip code 85138

Any resolution yet?

Thanks, Dot

New to Tablo. Live in Scottsdale. Having the same problem for iPhone channel 5 only. Is this a problem channel 5 must fix?

Yes. It’s a setting on their end that needs to be tweaked.

We’ve sent them a note this morning.

@Lkales @dotjbee @poppaskunk @azladi5 How are things looking now?

Right now (12pm) it appears to be working again. Hope it stays that way.

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Excellent. I’ve let the team at KPHO know everything is looking good again and have asked if we should anticipate any other regressions in the coming days.

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Everything is back to normal now!
Thank you😁

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@TabloTV I am curious what the problem was, is there a non-techie explanation you can share? Thanks.

It’s REALLY nerd-level but basically when this happens the broadcaster is a missing parameter setting on their encoder which causes the broadcast stream to show up like this when using devices that transcode video like Tablo.

Someone needs to take a ruler to the fingers of the tech @ CBS that keeps doing this! :wink:

I think next time they’ll remember to check the encoder settings when they start poking at things :slight_smile:

sSame problem with CBS channel 3 WCAX in Vermont. Contacted them, they did something that worked for a couple days, then it came back. Contacted again and they said the setting was still in place.
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