Fire TV Cube not Tablo compatible

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Got it! Thanks!

I have a feeling this issue will get much more traction given Prime Day sales of Amazon devices. I am generally an early adopter (I got a Tablo very early, Roku, etc.) and I have had the Fire TV Cube since day one. I really like the Echo integration and find the voice commands and device control useful. So, you can imagine how annoyed I was when I tried to watch the World Cup final on a stuttering Tablo app.

Regardless, I bought three more Fire TV Cubes and a few Fire TV Sticks on Wednesday and will make the switch from Roku to Fire TV this weekend. I still find Tablo to be very useful and hope that the app can be fixed quickly. I just registered for the beta program and will be happy to provide feedback if included.

Hey folks - A firmware workaround is on the way:

Just wanted to let Tablo know the stuttering workaround is not working.

I have a Fire TV 4k (3rd Gen) with the newest OS ( (NS6253/1437) along with the newest Tablo Version (2.2.22) - The stuttering is still there. Tried different bit rates, etc. I assume there is no setting I have to set to enable the “workaround”.

I have tried the Tablo app, the Tablo Preview App - still stutters. The stuttering is not as frequent as it used to be, but still freezes every 15-20 seconds for a second (gives the buffering symbol).

I am surprised at how long Tablo is taking to get this problem fixed. I know Tablo will say it is Amazon’s fault, but given basically all other streaming services/devices are working just fine, there is obviously something that Tablo could do to take care of this. The stuttering issue on newer FireTV devices has been going on since the end of last year - it is almost like Tablo wants you to go to another OTA device like HDHomeRun. The new Fire TV devices will continue to become more common and Tablo can’t get their product to work with it. Very frustrating.

…or another streaming media player, like Roku.

As mentioned in the other thread you posted in, this sounds like true buffering and not the stutter.

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