LF: Tablo DUAL LITE owners to join Tablo Beta team

Hi folks -

As you might know, each new Tablo firmware and app release is tested internally and then with a select group of beta testers before release. This helps us make sure any new tweaks or features behave as expected across the wide variety of devices and network setups that we support.

Our beta team is primarily made up of users of the original 2&4 Tuner Tablo devices, so we’d specifically like to recruit owners of Tablo DUAL LITE DVRs at this time.

Tablo beta team responsibilities and expectations include:

  • Install and use beta firmware and apps when they become available
  • Provide timely and specific feedback to us via the private Tablo Beta Community forum
  • Accept the inherent risks associated with testing new software

A few key details about this initiative:

  • It is mandatory to have an active Community Forum login (user name) to participate in the beta program as this is our primary method of gathering feedback
  • Participants DO NOT require an active Tablo subscription
  • Participants DO NOT need to be using the Tablo Cloud DVR software, however that would be an asset
  • All users hoping to participate in future device-specific app betas must also be signed up as a Tablo firmware beta tester

Most app beta testing requires the use of accompanying Tablo beta firmware

So, if you have a Tablo DUAL LITE DVR and would like to be a part of the Tablo beta testing team, please fill out the form here:

Once you’ve filled this form out, we will provide access to the beta section of the forum where you can sign up for device specific app betas.

If you have any questions about the the beta process, please let us know. We hope you’ll join us!

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Anyone? If you’ve got a DUAL LITE (and we know lots of you do now!) we’d really appreciate your help.

I imagine this is what Tablo Beta team looks like when searching for testers. hehehehe

Bumping this up as we’ve got some cool new stuff to test!

Even if you have an original 2-Tuner, 4-Tuner, or DUAL 64 we’d still love to have you.

Check out the requirements and sign up using the Google doc link above!

I have one (now), but since you don’t have a transfer procedure from my 2-Tuner unit, it’s still sitting in its unopened box.