Do you lose channels when its very cold outside?

When the outside air temperature drops below freezing, I see some channels’ signal drop.

I expected this for channels such as 2, 7, and 4 since they are far away and according to TV Fool are in the same compas direction. And at least one is a “bounce” channel - bouncing off atmosphere layers to reach me.

What surprised me is a local channel - CFTO 9.1 - is also failing!

Has anybody else seen this?

CFTO 9.1 is Toronto, and I’m in Ajax.

What is your antenna setup?

CFTO is a VHF channel, thus at this frequency it does not travel as far as many other UHF channels. As well, many antennas are UHF only, and just because they are big enough you get the hi-VHF channels. This could likely explain your issues with the channel.

What is your OTA antenna?

What is the difference between VHF and UHF signal?

These are two different frequency ranges: VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency). VHF channels are further broken down by “low-band” VHF (channels 2-6) and “high-band” VHF (channels 7-13). UHF channels are 14-69. VHF requires a larger antenna than UHF.

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I’d suggest a Winegard FL5500a antenna, which is the best indoor antenna, designed for both VHF and UHF.

Ajax is not that close to Toronto, an indoor antenna is likely not the best idea.

It’s designed for 50 miles otherwise Winegard vhf uhf outdoor antenna

Thank you all for the replies!

As I mention in this old post I have a Digiwave ANT5013, it is one of those fancy plastic box digital antennas that claim amazing performance. And in the summer it did, indeed, perform amazingly!

Its not small, but nowhere near as large as an 8-bay “traditional” antenna.

When I first noticed the channel 2 problems I thought it might be the antenna or amplifier inside of it failing in the cold. But then I realized only a few channels were affected.

Thanks in advance!

Some of the stations I get are over 100 miles from me. (in the summer)

I live in Oshawa. Just east of and further away from ctv’s signal. I have not noticed that I loose ctv in the cold - and yeah it’s been cold this weekend. Have 4 bay channel master outside.

This is what it says on the Durham radio website re my antenna:
Channel Master 4221-HD antenna offers good performance on the UHF band and also receives some signals from VHF channels 7 - 13

Thank for the post MarkR!

I’m going to try the Winegard HDA-200 Distribution Amplifier TheUser86 found useful. Just ordered it on e-bay from BC, should be here in a few days.

My current antenna is only mounted on my roof using a J-Pipe left over from my Satellite days. So I may wind up getting a 10’ mast installed.

My DigiWave works really well - but - is very directional. There are a few stations North of me I can’t get. If I switch to the same antenna you have, or the 8-bay version, I should be able to get around that. Something to think about this summer. Or even a rotor perhaps…

I also lose a couple of stations on fairly regular basis but for me they are Ch2 Buffalo and Ch57 in Toronto. I haven’t been able to pin it down to the weather though.

I am located in SW Scarborough close to the Bluffs and for me the CN Tower and Ch2 broadcast towers are almost 90 degrees apart so I aimed my 4221HD about halfway between them. I used to have trouble with some other channels as well but since installing a Channel Master CM-7778 Pre-Amp everything is pretty reliable except for 2 & 57.

The distribution amp may help. Do you have the coax cable from the antenna directly connected to the Tablo? Or do you have it split before the Tablo?

I will be honest though, I tried that antenna you currently have and it was not very good at all. I upgraded to the Clearstream 4V and it works great even with stations from Buffalo. See below.

I don’t think replacing the antenna or mast is gonna happen until spring or summer.

Yeah, I have read a LOT of bad reviews for this antenna. And yet, it works great for me. I don’t know what to make of it.

Maybe because its so different in application than a 4- or 8-bay? For starters, its very directional. I got lucky that my first try at mounting angle is getting so many stations.

Antenna is roof mounted on a J-Pipe. New RG6 from there down to my basement (30’ maybe 40’). It comes in the wall to the power injector that drives the AMP inside the antenna box.

That goes to a 2:1 splitter. Tablo on one side, the other side feeds another splitter for my house TVs.

Oh c’mon! That store’s name is an oxymoron!

That 1x2 splitter could be causing you problems, so I recommend you put the distribution amplifier just before the 1x2 splitter. How long is the cable run from the 1x2 splitter to the Tablo?

Your other option is also to put the distribution amplifier just before the Tablo as it does have an internal 1x4 splitter in it.

Distance from splitter to Tablo is inches. But I think I have a 3’ or so cable on it, looped around a few times.

And if it’s cold and moist, and the transmitter site is not well maintained, or properly funded, very likely there will be icing on the antenna, which means the transmitter power gets turned down and you receive less signal to your Tablo, Poof Magic, it might not be your antenna at all :slight_smile: Been there done that, hoped to always time turing on the heaters before icing starts.

I’m on j-pipe as well. Don’t think a rotor would work as tablo cannot control it.

OK. I got the adjustable gain amp. Inserted it before the 1:2 splitter. And all of my channels strength DROPPED 3-5 dB!!!

If It turn the gain down, I can drop them 15 dB…

So, what does it mean when installing an AMP reduces the effective signal?