Do you lose channels when its very cold outside?

Amp was to strong. How far are you from the towers?

I got the adjustable gain model so I could avoid over-amplification of the strong channels.

But my weak station (2.1) went from 16 db (one bar, not very stable on my TV) to zero bars. “no signal detected”.

And my other channels that are strong, like TVO 19.0 which is 28-30 db all the time, dropped to 25 db.

And if I adjust the gain down to the least boost, it still reduces everything by 15 db or so.

I wonder if there is too much noise, so when I boost the weak, I’m boosting the noise so much it washes it out? Dunno if that would explain what it did to the strong stations.

a distribution amp is primarily intended for offsetting loss due to splitting. Overcoming weak signal is best accomplished by a Preamp, which has the amplifier at the antenna. This allows the amplifier to boost the cleanest possible signal, minimizing any amplification of noise that may find it’s way onto your wiring.