Channel 6.1 CIII-HD disappeared Ottawa ON

Hi there!
I’ve been using my Tablo dual for about 6 months. Starting Saturday, Channel 6.1 CIII-HD Global has just disappeared. Scan as I wish, no luck. All my other channels come in with good signal strength. Anyone else experience this? Just wondering is its something on my end or a transmitter issue.

Same with me , 6.1 and 6.2 are gone, same on my tv tuner.

Died on Saturday(ish)? Don’t remember what 6.2 is, or was!

Maybe it is the cold? Do you lose channels when its very cold outside?

I saw that post, and it was really cold this weekend, but currently temperatures are about normal and no precipitation. Admittedly we have not had any real deep-freeze until now. None of my other channels seem to have suffered though.

If it is missing on your TV, the problem is the station isn’t available. Maybe station is having technical difficulties… No power, machine broke, updating antenna. Suggest trying to find phone number and call them to see what vis going on. There might be a contact us on their website.

Wanted to see if other Tablo users were having the same problem. Koss67 will let you know what I find out!

There seems to be a transmitter problem. Hoping it’ll get fixed shortly as it was a long weekend and they probably didn’t want to pay their engineers time & a half :slight_smile:

Its back! My Wife records 'Days of Our Lives" and she was suffering from withdrawal. She will be happy, which makes me happy!


Kudos to their team if they were out futzing on the tower in yesterday’s storm!

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