Copy files to other media

Is there a way to copy recorded shows onto other media for permanent off-site storage?

Check the third party apps:

You’ll want Tablo Ripper.


Actually there are a variety of options! Depending each with their purposes and to suit different needs. 3rd party app are not one-size-fits-all. From what I understand…

As mentioned Tablo Ripper, a Windows only program. I’m not familiar with it, I hear it’s very user friendly (being a Windows program) For a list of features look here -

If you’re looking at mobile devices, you may consider ota2go. Here’s a guest tabloTV blog post about it - Download Tablo Recordings to your Android Device with ota2GO …more than I could say.

Don’t use Windows, for Linux and Mac look to capto, compliment it with wrapto. Allows for custom naming works great for scripting and automating scheduling exports. Lets me have enough control, while letting it take care of things without interaction. You can have great custom control, use it for scripting and scheduling.

SurLaTablo. I’ve not used it, but if you have an issue - you can reach out and the developer will surla get back to you. I believe it has some commercial skip/removal process. Options to store at various size/resolutions Python script - not platform dependent - works on Windows, Linux, Mac… whatever runs python scripts.

Still in beta (at least under development) is APL Tablo Client. This is very feature rich, not quit as much with export. Yes, you can, but he hasn’t gotten to allow custom naming and it’s a GUI, so there’s no automation. But there is a lot of great features missing in tablo’s UI, lots of sorting, filters, auto record (not yet released) schedule of recordings, etc. It’s java, …you know, platform independent.

So, without knowing more than “copy file to other media”, I can’t say this one is exactly what you need.

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Great 3rd party summary and surla pun :wink:

Why does this all sound like a bad idea long term. I understand why people do what they do, however some others might use this as an excuse to point fingers.

What’s the bad idea? I don’t understand your comment.

Exporting TV shows to your Plex Media Server for personal use archiving is a bad idea how?

I don’t do this but I’m curious.

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Unfortunately I’ve overlooked features to Tablo Ripper… being an exclusive Windows program :wink:. I’ve edited a link to GitHub. Does appear to have a amassed a great many users! I believe it’s not under active development? But then not has changed really to necessitate the need, as with most 3rd part apps.

Why isn’t cutting a hole in the case of your tablo’s case a bad idea long term? People do what they do, now when the flub it up they know where to point a finger :point_right:

You realize these unofficial apps are indirectly ok’d by Nuvyyo… sort of. If you search for NDA and/or tablo API - they will release the “how to” information to developers. No, they are in no way sanctioned by Nuvyyo, but they do allow independent work, to some degree.

SurLaTablo, because it’s python and therefore exposes elements of the API, is not developed under NDA (you can’t) from Nuvyyo. It’s one of my peeves with Nuvyyo.

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and if you really wanted to you can just use ffmpeg and do it yourself - it’s a bit PITA, but all you need is the playlist.m3u8 path accessible via the web server.

History has shown that device that make it too easy to circumvent copyrights tend to come under legal spotlights (legit or not). I get the whole for personal use bit, however it’s possible the competition could at some point use the lack of encryption against the Tablo device. I’m all for the personal use case, however it makes it too easy to share with others. Hopefully they are at least watermarking files like music streaming services do with music.

I thought most of this was cleared up in the BetaMax case 35 years ago.

A “user” recording OTA has been deemed “ok” if not housed and transcoded in the cloud. SCOTUS ruled that watching a recorded show that only “you” can access, that is transcoded, but is cloud stored by a provider of the DVR service is a “broadcast” and must be licensed somehow just like a cable TV provider (see Aereo case).

(and I wish I was making that up… noting that every lower court disagreed and two SC justices dissented)

My comments really wen’t about the law or how the law reads, it’s the perception of the device becoming that OTA copy device that allows people to Rip shows and share them with others. Is anyone doing that, probably not, however it just opens up the possible complaints from other entities suggesting that’s the case (i.e Amazon, TiVo, etc.).

Many platforms allow you to download and remote view copies of shows form your DVR or streaming service, etc. The key is that only you can watch those shows without circumventing the protections in place. What is Tablo doing to keep files from being pulled from the device and shared with others?

I’m not against what’s going on, just looking at possible future outcomes of What’s going. on.

I think the future is that some higher being will turn the simulator off and the universe will cease to exist.

But until then you could be more concerned with products like Plex then Tablo. If you read the supreme court ruling one item was a complete copy. Which Tablo makes - even after CS processing.


I have tuner cards in my PC, it was once a DVR, saving files in .mpeg - I could freely do virtually whatever I wanted… Regardless of the source, I don’t see a valid point

Just thinking dark with ATSC 3, it’s quite possible that captured data will be somewhat traceable.

Is is 1984 yet?

It’s about quantity, tuner cards are a niche market. Tablo for now is also a Niche market with little competition. If I ran a company that was competing I would want to come up with any and all dirt on that competition. “They are allowing users to easily and freely copy and distribute copyrighted material without any protections.” might be a possible statement made.