(COMPLETED) Surround Sound

I’ve seen comments that surround sound functionality is being worked on but I’m curious if it can be implemented via a firmware/software update or if it will require a hardware update.



All of our updates will be via free firmware or app software so don’t worry. 

We need to enable something called AC3 passthrough to make surround sound work which is all firmware stuff.


Any updates on enabling AC3 passthrough?  Will it be on the 4-tuner model?  Please?!   :slight_smile:

I have the two-tuner and have pre-ordered the four-tuner; but having said that; I really would like to know if we’re ever going to see AC3 passthrough.  I believe in March you were going to check with your chip vendor(s) to see if this was possible.  I would very much appreciate an update as to whether it’s possible.  I can wait on the implementation.

Update on AC3 passthrough: 

YES it is possible and the ETA is the 2nd half of 2014. When I’m able to narrow that down a bit for you guys I will. 

Getting the AV sync to work has to be a nightmare, good luck on development, the feature would be nice.

Tahnks for the AC3 update. For me, 2H2014 is fine. I just wanted to know if it was coming.

Yes - it is certainly a BIG feature to implement! 

Need surround sound by start of football season!!  Its bad enough I have to watch 24 in two channel right now.  No NFL in 5.1 is a serious first world problem.

>> Need surround sound by start of football season!!  Its bad enough I have to watch 24 in two channel right now.  No NFL in 5.1 is a serious first world problem.

Haha. We’re working on it! 

Will current recordings be AC3 playback capable when the firmware update rolls out or will all recordings prior to the firmware update be forever 2 channel?

+1 for surround sound passthrough!

+1 for surround pass through. It’s the only thing standing in the way of my purchasing a Tablo and cutting the cord on my cable.  Also, very important for football season :slight_smile:

Any updates on getting this feature added? Its been three months with no word on if or when it’ll be implemented. Its a real dealbreaker for me.

Hey folks - We’ve got a laundry list of requests that need to be implemented and we’re working to prioritize things that will benefit the largest amount of users.

While there’s a vocal minority of folks like you who really want surround sound, it’s a LOT of work for a feature that is less popular than say, adding iOS and Android phone apps. 

That’s not to say we’re forgetting about it or that it won’t ever get implemented, but in terms of prioritization, it’s unfortunately not going to be done for this football season. 

If this feature is super important to you and you haven’t posted in this thread to support it, please do so. The more demand, the more likely it is to move up in terms of priority. 

I would like to see it as well as my fellow Tablo’ers.

I brought it up from the get go, but I’ll post in this thread too. While it’s not a deal breaker, per say, it is the feature I miss most from my cable TV.

I’d take it over any new apps as well

I’d prefer it over phone apps too. I just use the web interface on my phone. I’d love to have surround sound.

Surround sound is a definite for me too!!