Commercial skip not showing up

I have Tablo on Nvidia Shield.
Tablo firmware = 2.2.26
Tablo App = version 1.7.1

I don’t see any setting or anything referencing commercial skip in the Tablo app.

Does it update automatically?

I thought I should see it by now.

Thank you in advance if anybody has any suggestions.

Once you’ve received and installed the 2.2.26 updateon your Tablo DVR, Automatic Commercial Skip detection can be enabled and disabled globally via the settings screen and enjoyed on following Tablo apps:

Are you using the new PREVIEW app? Not the old OG app.

I was told it is not available in the Tablo app on the nVidia Shield box but you can install the Tablo Preview app and “supposed to be able to” turn it on/off there. When I first installed the Preview app I was anxious to get started and turned it on. Waited 24 then came back and reviewed the new recordings. I found there were no recordings, strange as I have stuff recorded daily. I went in to my scheduling and see there were several programs that should have recorded but didn’t.

Well we went on vacation for a week and when we come back there was no recordings made when looking for them inside the Tablo app. I went to the Preview app and turned the commercial skip off to see what that would do. Still no recordings.

I contacted support and got a response to do this, asked this, try that and then finally got them to do the remote support and I was told nothing was wrong with my Tablo and all my shows are set for recording. So where are my recordings? I asked that question and days went by before I contacted them again. They told me as a last resort “if you are still having troubles” (WTF?! If I did not still have troubles the support ticket would be closed. Oh, they closed it because they were satisfied) remove the app from the nVidia Shield box and reinstall and try again.

I uninstall any and everything Tablo related and reinstall. Set up the skip commercials “and then” I had to schedule everything again for recording. Well now we are getting recordings but no commercial skipping happening. We have an Apple TV box in the bedroom and reads from the same Tablo and HDD and it has the commercial skip available on all the shows.

I am looking for others for help, customer support has failed and not been in contact any more.

I’m assuming that you are using the Preview app for Android TV on the nVidia Shield, the original Android TV app will not work with commercial skip. If so, recordings that have successfully been processed for commercial skip should have a yellow dot next to the show title.

When playing a recording with the yellow dot, do you see yellow bars marking the commercials on the scrubber bar when fast forwarding or are the commercials marked with a grey bar or not marked at all? If commercials are marked in yellow, then they should automatically be skipped while watching the recording. If you have manually forwarded the recording to within a minute or less from the commercial break, then the app will play the commercial assuming that you want to see the commercials. If they are grey, then you need to press down on the ring on the remote and turn commercial skip on. If show is marked with a yellow dot but you don’t see any markings for the commercials I would try contacting support again.

The commercial skip switch on the settings screen is a global command to turn commercial skip on or off.

While watching a recording you can turn commercial skip on or off on the device you are using and it won’t affect any other devices. Recordings will still be processed for commercial skip until you go to the settings screen to globally turn it on or off.

Hey there, we’re sorry to hear that we weren’t able to get everything up and running. Can you PM me your Tablo’s MAC address? I’d be happy to take a look from here and see what we can do to get everything up and running smoothly.

Seriously We want to do that again?