Channel reception issues

UPDATE: So looks like the 4G LTE filter did resolve most of the issues. I do still see a bit of interference, but ABC and FOX is now watchable and I no longer miss large parts of the conversations. Thanks @MarkKindle for the the suggestions.

Not quite sure why I still get some interference. I only spent around $7 on a relatively inexpensive 4G LTE filter on amazon. Maybe (or maybe not) a higher quality filter or maybe the interference I have remaining is caused by something else.

@TabloTV while this issue is in no way an issue or limitation in the tablo device itself, it would be great if tablo can implement some type of diagnostics to help diagnose issues with picture quality. Maybe a signal meter to start with.

I ordered both the CM ($25) and this one ($7). Did not notice any difference in their performance. Apart from the fact that this one has a 4 db insertion loss and the CM 2 db.

Do you have a preamp with the Mohu (I believe it comes with one)? I tried installing the filter before the preamp and after the preamp (in order to avoid any loss going into the preamp). Try both situations…

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The Mohu antennas, the white rectangular device you plug into a power source that they call an amplifier, is it a preamp? If so, when I had my Mohu, the amplifier was not installed at the antenna like a preamp should be, it is all the way at the end of the cable run. So I was wondering if it’s just a power injector and the amp is built into the antenna?

The white rectangular device is the preamp (AKA the Jolt). Mohu’s assumption is that the antenna won’t be that far from the TV so the amp can go at the end of the chain and not be amplifying a lot of noise picked up in 50 to 100 foot cables or losing strength. What’s built into the antenna is the balun equivalent for coax transmission.

I see so even with the Mohu Sky 60 where the cable run from your outdoor installation to inside where the TV is the preamp could be installed quite far away from the antenna.

Yes I know the Sky 60 comes with a 30 foot coax cable. But it just seems counter intuitive- everywhere I have read the preamp should be closest to the antenna as possible.

I have a RCA preamp that comes off a Clearstream 4V where the cable is 6" only from the antenna to preamp. Where should I install the LTE filter here?

The Sky 60’s amp is a circuit card built into the antenna unlike the Leaf 50. If one opens up the Leaf 50 (remove the 4 screws), all one has left inside is the balun equivalent (a ferrite core with two wires). Opening up the Sky 60 (8 screws) shows a thin 3" circuit card that has the preamp logic.

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Ideally the LTE filter should go before the preamp. However if the filter diminishes the signal (4 db insertion loss) sufficiently (going into the preamp) one can put it after the preamp. The RCA preamp boosts up the signal by 17 db which is just enough for the filter to still isolate and reject the unwanted frequencies. I had asked that same question to the Kenable folk over email last week and their tech support said one could go either way although the first way is better. I’ve done it both ways and it works fine before or after.

BTW not knowing what to do with two filters (and not wanting to send one back), I put one before the preamp and one just before the Tablo - no way any LTE interference from tower or cell phone in the house can sneak in LOL. I want my recordings absolutely clean…

Interesting - cause the white rectangular device for the Leaf 50 and Sky 60 look the same, guess they must have different internal components and one functions as a preamp and the other as a power inserter.

Thanks, I’ll likely attach the LTE filter directly into the RCA preamp from the cable coming from the antenna (aka before the preamp).


That’s the same situation with the Winegard LNA-100 and 200 preamps. They’re both the same except one comes with a unified power\preamp integrated into a single module whereas the other separates the two. The LNA-200 is for outside mounting, the LNA-100 for inside use.

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Interestingly - Winegard markets the LNA-100 as an amplifier, and the LNA-200 as a preamplifier. Guess it’s all semantics - but the location of the amplifying devices closer to the antenna minimizes amplifying noise no?

They’re both identical in looking at the transistors, semiconductors, capacitors and resisters used.

Closer to the antenna is better for preamp. Not only because of the noise on the line but long running cables attenuate the signal. Placing a preamp at the end of the line, one is amplifying an already diminished signal. I tried that with a 100 foot cable and the difference was a 27 db SNR reading with preamp close to the antenna and 24 db SNR with preamp at the end of the cable. Signal went from 90% to 80%.

I also connected the filter to preamp using an F Male Coupler thus avoiding a cable:

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If I get the Channel Master LTE filter though then I won’t need such a coupler right?

I can screw it directly into the preamp.

Right, CM designed theirs so it screws right into the target without needing a cable or other. They also show theirs going right into the TV.

Ah I see - I was looking on their website, is it not for outdoor use then? The preamp is outside.

Never mind - outside is fine per their PDF

I’ve had my LTE filter for a week now and hasn’t had any of the picture skip/distortion/digital pixelation/audio drops. (I guess maybe I just wasn’t having any) But here I am today watching the NCAA games with no weather issues, ok temperatures, perfect (green dot) signal strength and I’m getting those distorting issues again.

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