Can't watch a show from the beginning while recording on AppleTV

I have only had Tablo for a couple of weeks. Before we shut off DirectTV for good, I have tried very hard to use Tablo exclusively for broadcast TV.


  • Tablo 4 Tuner
  • 3tb disk
  • AppleTV 4 (running the latest tvOS beta, which is to be released to the public in the next week or so)

If I try to watch a programming while it is recording, it always starts from the “live” position and rewind/ffw do not work. rewind/ffwd work fine on programs not recording, so I know it isn’t an issue with me not knowing the proper gesture.

Anyone else seeing this? This is frustrating and has made me go to my DirectTV to watch a program from the start that is on live (obviously the directTV box was already recording it).

When you try to watch a program that is currently recording, do you hit play from the live TV guide, or do you go through the recordings section to start playback?

Try going from the recordings section, it should start from the beginning.

@cnr1089 AppleTV question. I just installed the tvOS beta and was curious if the feature where you can login once for all of your apps works yet. Also, it has been mentioned they would create a “tv guide” instead of a tv service. Either of those in the beta? I love the new dark UI.

This happens both when watching from the recording section as well is if I select a program from the guide that is recording (although in the later, I would expect it t show me the current location). I did notice tonight that I was able to skip back in 10s increments, but that is a painful way to get back to the beginning of a program.

It may sometimes happen that I start a live recording and I don’t get the option to ff/rw. Exiting the recording and playing it again will almost always fix this issue.

If you never get the option to “pause and browse” through the recording with your ATV remote, you should probably try reinstalling your tablo app, or look at factory resseting your ATV / Tablo,

Before doing the factory resets you could also try to get on the Beta and see if that fixes it for you.

edit: you could try to revert to the release version for the ATV, that could be causing the issue too.

Happens to me as well. Very frustrating.

Yes. tvOS 10 is now out for everyone, so hopefully they fix it.

Nope. It’s still a thing. Avert your eyes if you want to watch a partially recorded NFL game and scrub back to the beginning. Not a great experience.

Keep in mind, you can send our support team a ticket if you’d like to take part in our ongoing beta, which addresses this issue.

same thing happens to me. I have found that I can rewind using Siri.

I have the same issue. Usually, I can skip back to beginning with Siri. I have seen that fail too, but only once.

It started for me once I loaded tvOS10. Very, Very annoying.

It also has started disconnecting a lot after the tvOS10 update. There seems to be an issue with compatability

Yes, there definitely is.
Tablo is aware of it, and is already working on the Apple TV beta update to deal with those issue:

Same issue here after updating to iOS10. But to expand on steveum’s post:

Hold down the Siri button and say “start from the beginning” and you can start it over.