New recordings start in progress

A recording is in progress. Select the in-progress recording and start watching. The program starts live rather than at the beginning of the recording.

This is especially bad for watching sports on time delay, because the recording starts live, which often shows the current score before I can pause and scrub back to start.

I only use the AppleTV app, so I’m not sure if this behavior is the same on other platforms.

I’ve seen this mostly duplicate thread, but I have no problems rewinding to the start.

Known issue on the ATV - to be fixed.

Doesn’t happen on other devices.

This problem occurs with the current version of the LG tv app.

In-process recordings start at the end (live) - even when start at beginning is selected - but can be rewound to the beginning.

This thread is 2 years old. Are you starting the in progress recording from the Live TV grid screen or the Recordings screen?

Starting from the recordings screen.

It works properly in the web interface (from a computer).

It has just started happening to me. I have been using for 6 months but this just starting happening last week. When I open a recording it starts at the end. Not only that, but if pause long enough that I have to start it again, it starts at the end, not where I paused. Trying to rewind to the point I started is very annoying. I feel like I need to check the minutes before I pause so I don’t have to keep searching for where I left off.
I am using a fire stick 4k

Are you using the OG Tablo app or the new Tablo PREVIEW app on the Fire TV Stick?

Been there - seen that. It came with 1.7.2.

If you have a completed recording that has been viewed and paused, when you play it, it starts at the beginning. If you have a recording that is still ongoing, never been played, when you play it - it starts at the current recording point - the end.

Been using Preview.