Live TV - working on iPad but not iPhone

I have tried both my local home network and internet access - both work for iPad but iPhone 6Plus running iOS10 does not show the option to watch Live TV (connects, OK and shows the guide). I DO get the option to watch RECORDED content. I’ve tried deleting the app and re-downloading with no luck. What can I do to diagnose why I cannot watch Live TV on my iPhone?

Forgot to mention - I have tried the iOS app and web browser access with the same results from the iPhone (no option to watch Live TV)

It’s an iOS 10 problem.
The post below mostly refers to Apple TV, but it’s iOS 10 in general.

Tablo knows about it:

You need to select the station ID/channel # on the left side of the TV grid in order to play live TV.

@Radojevic - I wonder if it’s really an iOS10 problem. My iPad is also iOS10 and it’s working with no issues.
@Sgnadeau - Thanks for the reply and the advice. I should have stated that I am selecting the station ID and getting to the details of the program I wish to watch. The problem is: on the iPad I see the option to watch livetv but on my iPhone 6Plus, I only see the option to record. CORRECTION - Sgnadeau - you were 100% correct. I apparently thought I was selecting the left navigation but fat fingered off to the right. Of course, now I’m getting “PLAYER ERROR” but I guess it’s one step at a time. Thanks.

UPDATE - after input from @Sgnadeau and figuring out I was fat fingering - I started getting PLAYER ERRORs. I powered off the iPhone/Powered Back On and Voila it is working - THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT.

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