Can't find android tv app!

Am I missing something?  I have an android tv box (not a nexus, an element ti4) and when I go the the play store to install the tablo app, I get the web app which needs a mouse.  How do I get the proper app which works with my remote?  

Also, I pulled the apk from my fire tv box and sideloaded it onto the element box, but it stutters constantly.  I see others that have that same issue and say an older version of the tablo view works better, but I can’t seem to find that either.  HELP please :slight_smile:

You may not see the Tablo app when navigating the Amazon App store on your FireTV itself. You can add the app via a PC/MAC browser by clicking 'send to' and then selecting your FireTV device(s).

When you load the app you may see the following error message: For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources. Don't worry, this is because these apps use a third-party video player which we have confirmed is safe. To enable video playback you will need to make the following change from the main menu of your set-top-box unit: Settings -> System -> Developer Options, enable "Apps from Unknown".

Yeah, see your reply has nothing to do with my question. I don’t have a problem with the fire tv. I have a problem getting the android tv app, not a fire tv app. My android tv box (element ti4) when accessing the play store downloads the tablet/phone app which uses touch screen instead of the remote. Let me be very clear:
I need the android tv apk.
Not the fire tv app and not an android tablet or phone (touchscreen) app.

When accessing the google play store, the app that is downloaded is not formated for a remote. To be able to use the device, I did pull the apk off of a fire tv, and sideloaded it onto my android tv box. This allows me to use the remote, but there is constant stuttering and buffering. When searching the forums I see I’m not the only one having this problem. The consensus seems to be the current video player is the problem. I pulled the video player off of my phone, and sideloaded that onto the android tv box. I now have an android tv box running a fire tv app and the phone video player.

While this setup works with the remote for moving around the guide, and the video player works without stuttering, I can not fast forward, rewind, or pause with the remote because the player expects a touch screen.

I bought this device 2 weeks ago, and have had stuttering on my fire tv, the wrong aspect ratio when accessing tablo remotely using 3 or 4 mbps settings on android and my computer, I can not access the proper app for a android tv box, and my guide data is missing 10 channels. All of these are problems I find others having on these forums.

I bought this device after having simple tv for almost 2 years because your rep on reddit and reviews on amazon seemed so positive. I thought this would be a better solution than the occasionally flaky simple tv, but I’m starting to have my doubts. It would occasionally have issues, I have yet to see tablo work consistently on anything.

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Sorry about that…

Delete the app and go back here or and try again:

From the web you’ll have to select the Android TV as the device to load on and you’ll get the APK that is formatted for a remote. You should also see it from the Play Store on the device itself.

Have you touched base with support on the missing guide data?

**** Update ****

I’ve consulted with our Android expert.

Apparently your specific device lacks the firmware image that runs in Android TV mode. Because it lacks a specific ‘leanback mode’ when launching apps it will unfortunately always launch in tablet/phone mode.

Fragmentation of the Android ecosystem means it’s quite difficult to develop for all devices and unfortunately it sounds like this is leading to a less than stellar experience for you :pensive:

Can’t you send me the tv formatted apk so I can sideload it? Like I said, the fire tv apk works fine, but the video player stutters. Even just sending the proper video player would be a help.

Or is the stuttering the same issue people are seeing here (FireTV Stuttering Issue) and here (FTV app LiveTV mini-pauses/stuttering issue) and something you will need to update the video player to address?

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Re: the video player stuttering we’re working on a fix for this. Hope to have something for you to try out soon. Stay tuned.

Is there a way to download the APK for Android TV, so I can sideload it to an Android Box I have that is not recognized as an Android TV so it only gives me the touch screen option.

I can’t seem to find a way through Google Play to make this happen, as it shows I already have the touch version installed on my devices.