Can't Connect to Tablo from a Phone/Tablet/Web App (blinking lights)

I have a Tablo 4 tuner (bought in Dec 2016). Just a few minutes ago, the Tablo would not connect via my phone/tablet on Android and Web App from the computer.

I checked my network and can see the device (ip and small activity). From my computer, I pinged the device and get a heartbeat with no packet loss. The Tablo 4 Tuner is hardwired to the network.

The light on the front of the device is blinking in this order:
3 fast blinks, 3 slow blinks, 3 fast blinks, repeat.

Side note: I do believe that that there is suppose to be 4 shows recording during this time.

Update: I’ve power cycled the Tablo and it did not record any of the shows for that time. I am able to connect to the Tablo but lost the 5 shows that came on between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM. The shows were 30 minutes a piece.

I’ve never seen that myself, mate, but the light is blinking Morse code for SOS. I('m old enough to have done the Morse code when I wore short pants but I was never any good at it.) Tablo Support says that happens when there was a problem loading the software but power cycling should fix the problem. I think that’s what you did.

This appears similar Tablo stopped responding and blue light appeared to be blinking an error code

So, I wanted to followup with you. I did power cycle the unit and it did not record those 30 min interval shows.

This morning around 8:00am, the tablo is now not responsive again. There is no blinking light on the front of the machine this time.

I’ve also reached out to Tablo support on Feb 2nd, and haven’t received a response from them. I’ve also update the ticket each time so they have updated information including this morning issue.

Every time you update the ticket it just moves to the back of the cue. Just sit tight and they will get to you.

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So, my Tablo has once again stopped responding. I don’t know what to do at this point… @TabloSupport

I’m in the process of trying to remove shows from my Tablo using Tablo Ripper. After that, I’m going to attempt a factory restore.

Factory resetting is not a simple process, check here for directions:

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Well, I have to do something because I can watch any shows or see them from the app. Either a LAN line or Wi-Fi.

Let us know how it goes.

@VipeNess Sorry for the wait! Please keep us posted on how this goes.

I did not factory restore after reading the device could contain important logs for troubleshooting. Still need help. Last night, the Tablo started working and at around 10:00PM lost connection again. @TabloSupport @TabloTV

@VipeNess I touched base w/ our team, and they should be in touch!

This sounds like what I’m experiencing. Exactly the same…and I’m waiting for a response.

So, I followed the instructions you sent via email and got the Tablo back up and running. It keep prompting us to update to 2.2.12 for firmware.

The issue we are having now is we can not play any shows we’ve recorded. Getting a playback error, and something about the Tablo being reassigned. @TabloSupport @TabloTV

Try recording a new show. Supposedly shows recorded on 2.2.12 will not play on 2.2.10 due to significant API changes

What firmware version are you running now?

@TabloSupport @TabloTV. So, I updated the firmware and now I can watch shows again. Well keep an eye on the tablo to see if it does it’s connecting issue again.

Some users have been posting this issue and have been told it is a firmware bug in 2.2.12 that causes the unavailability of the Tablo.

Everything’s been working fine until just now. Right at 10:00 PM PST… the Tablo immediately stopped working. I can’t connect to it anymore.

Not sure what’s going on… but I can not connect anymore. I have a 3 fast blinking, 3 slow blinking, 3 fast blinking, repeat. @TabloSupport @TabloTV

Check the Jan 20 post by Tablo Support, mate. Tablo stopped responding and blue light appeared to be blinking an error code