Can't Connect to Tablo from a Phone/Tablet/Web App (blinking lights)

Thanks! I can say that right under the silver logo in the front of the device, right underneath on the bottom… its SCOLDING HOT. I’m talking burning your finger hot. So, I put the Tablo on its side to see if that will make a difference. After another reset, I’ve been able to access my Tablo but I fear that later tonight it will stop working again.

Something seems odd, mate. I just touched my Tablo4 in the same place you described and it barely even register as warm to my fingers.

Your Tablo will get very toasty if it’s connected to your network wirelessly.

Connected via WIRED.

As an update @TabloSupport @TabloTV

I performed the Factory Restore after my device again would not connect. This was done yesterday. Tablo again is now messing up and doing the same SOS lights. I actually was recording a video of what was happening when the Tablo started blinking SOS for first time since the factory restore.

I’m at a loss for words at this moment.

My only suggestion is return your Tablo from the retailer and get a new one. Very weird behaviour.

Maybe the device is defective.

Tablo Support had reached out to me last week to replace my device. Still awaiting tracking information, etc.

My Tablo has had a flash blue light for over two hours. It started at 5:50pm EST. while is was watching a recorded program.

Sometimes it gets past the rapid flash to the slow flash but not always.

I pushed the reset button momentarily multiple times.
I cut off the power, waited 15 seconds and the blue light still flashes. I also did this multiple times.
I unplugged the power, waited 15 seconds, held the reset button, plugged in the power, let go of the switch. Still fast flashing blue light. I have done this twice.
I have changed the ethernet cable and the port on the switch.

I list these things because I know that you only send one response per working day (Mom-Fri). This is what you told me to do when my original Tablo starting does this. It took over a week. (See #25172). So, we can shortcut all of that this time.

Last time, you also asked for my receipt and I sent it.
You sent this Tablo to me. No receipt.
You also charged me $149.99 on my Visa card. Why? It was defective.

My first Tablo lasted eleven months. This one has lasted two months.

Can we short cut all of the one response per day and just send me a replacement?

Same address as last time:

Steve Sowder
10953 Pucker St
Niles, MI 49120

and send the tracking number.



BTW: I post this in the community so others can try all of these when they get the non-stop flasing blue light.

Also, you may have other things to try. Let me know.

Your original Tablo was covered by a 12 month replacement. If defective, the replacement unit is covered by the same original warranty so aren’t you no longer covered by warranty?

This is exactly how big companies Apple warrant their devices. I had issues with my iPhone at month 10, they replaced it for free. Then at month 15, issues again but I was SOL cause the replacement device doesn’t get a new one year warranty.

I am probably not covered now.

But I was charged when the original was sent back. They sent a new one.
I don’t know if I was charged for returning the old one (maybe they didn’t find a problem)
or I was charged for the replacement. The replacement lasted six weeks.

I’d find out what the charge was for