Can’t stream over T-Mobile One Plus Unlimited Plan


Has @TabloTV tried that phone on T-mobile?


Great question. I am curious of the same thing. @TabloTV?


This whole thing is a bit beyond my understanding (lowly marketer here) but as per above…

Being located in Canada, we don’t really have access to any US cellular networks for testing, and all of our Canadian cell networks support dual stack (IPv4 & IPv6).

I’m hoping to get some more info/context from the engineering team over the coming days.


I’ve seen the same kind of reports on the Plex and Channels boards. I believe I read something on the Plex boards that indicates it had to do with a change that T-Mobile put in regarding IPv6 changes.


T-Mobile works in Mexico and Canada for no additional charge.

Strange that the problem seems to only be with iPhones.

Does ios have anything simimar to developper options, like Android phones? If so, is there anything you can change?


If iOS dies — I have no idea how to access it.


You can always use the website in the Chrome browser on a computer (laptop or desktop) to connect to the Tablo.


Thanks and that’s what I’ve been doing since I can’t access from my phone any longer. Just hope that Tablo and/or T-Mobile can somehow get this working on my iPhone in the future.


Does the work with browser on your phone?


No. Just tried it.


Just saying, Tablo has already stated that they don’t work over IPv6.


“Beastman”, Your T-Mobile mobile may work in Canada and mexico but they aren’t operating on T-Mobile networks. As stated above it looks like T-Mobile is forcing IPv6 on phones that support it. iPhones don’t have a way to turn IPv6 off hence why we have issues. Hopefully tablo moves to support IPv6.


Why is the problem only iPHONE? My Galaxy S7 CAN stream Tablo using T-Mobile network. My A30 tablet can too.


Any updates?


We’ve got something in the works that we’re almost ready to test with a few select customers.

Stay tuned!


Is the problem with iPhones? My Android, both tablet and phone stream perfect on T-Mobile. Is the Tablo app going to learn IPV6?


I would like to be one of those “few select customers” since I have iPhone 7 plus on T-Mobile and also on the 55+ plan also I have added plus for HD and wifi LTE hotspot features. Have not been able to connect with TABLO Connect on Live or recorded shows but the app does come up.


I wouldn’t mind also being one of the “few select customers” for Tablo ( also iPhone 8 on T-Mobile 55+ plan…)


@HarveyC @road3682 - When we’re ready to give it a shot, we’ll let you know!

Tx everyone for your patience on this!


I have T-Mobile prepaid – no issues in streaming Tablo content…