Can’t stream over T-Mobile One Plus Unlimited Plan


That green bar has been reported previously. If you search on the forum, you should find it.

I believe it has to with me of the quality settings or remote streaming setting.


It’s not the same as the green bar issue. It’s more of a squished aspect ratio which leaves extra space at the bottom of the screen. The extra space is then filled with colors, waves, blocks, etc. I have a picture if it would help.


Picture is worth a thousand words… :wink:


This is from remote streaming on tmobile and a non samsung android device. It is fine at the 2mbps setting, anything higher, and this is what happens.
The black bars around the image are ok, that is the correct 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s the grey and multicolored below the image that are the messed up portion. The part below the thin gray line changes color, flashes, and glitches as the video plays.


Same issue here - iPhone X, TMobile One Plus, HD video activated. I can stream on WiFi away from home. I can stream on my iPad when tethered to my iPhone, but I can’t stream over LTE. I connect to the Tablo without issue, I can set recordings, change settings, etc, but videos don’t ever load.


This is a (long standing) known issue. Just letting you know.


Just to pile on it seems my Nexus 6P is doing the same thing on T-mobile. I know it used to work cause I watched shows remotely before. Strange.


AFAIK, the corruption issues at various speeds (can’t remember the specifics) has always been an issue on Android.


We believe we have a fix for this in the beta firmware we’re testing now.


Fix for the streaming issue or the video quality issue that someone randomly posted about.


yeah… this thread took a quick turn. I think they fix may be for that long standing corruption thing across any provider to any Android problem (old problem) and not the T-Mobile problem of the original post here.


I am on the new beta firmware 2.17 v3 I think. My remote viewing over t-mobile is working today on my Nexus 6p.


Me too, and I keep checking it agter every upgrade to make sure it doesn’t brrak again.


Yeah, the whole thing is sort of strange.


I got a new phone (Pixel 2) and Tablo continues to work fine streaming over T-Mobile cellular data…
Just an FYI for the folks at Tablo if they are still tracking this issue.


I was on the beta at one time but I’m not anymore. How do I re-sign up so I can test T-Mobile with my iPhone? Thanks!


I just sent the beta to your unit; you should be prompted to install in a few hours. Let us know how it turns out.


I’d love to check out the beta as well, if it will let me stream to my iPhone on TMobile.


I also cannot stream Tablo video through my T-mobile service. Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, ITunes, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, SlingTV, EyeTV, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Crackle, VidAngel, VEVO and many others all work just fine.

It appears the only app that plays video, but can’t on the t-mobile network is Tablo.

I am on an iphone6, by the way.

Perhaps your iOS engineers can reverse engineer any one of a dozen or more apps to see how they do it. Or, from the sounds of things, wind back to an earlier version of Tablo. Maybe the key iOS engineer was recently let go?

@stevenme have you had any success over the last couple of months with Tablo and T-Mobile?
@TabloSupport do you have any further thoughts on the matter? Perhaps efforts are being made to address the issue? Don’t get me wrong, I otherwise love this product and wish it all continued and fantastic success.


I wrote about this At the end of October, and still can’t stream on my iPhone 8 Plus. Im on the beta program, but neither beta or the regular app work. All other streaming services work fine with T-Mobile and my iPhone. DirectvNow ESPN, etc. Wish i had it.