Bad Power Supply / AC Adapter

Had my 4-tuner Tablo since summer 2014 and the AC adapter finally died. Solid blue light on the Tablo and no response. Hard drive clicking with no power LED. Ordered a replacement adapter from Tablo and we’re back in action. Missed out on a week of shows but at least my Tablo is alive.

Just wanted to provide another data point and symptoms in case others experience a similar failure.


How long was the shipping from order to receipt of delivery?

Shipped from Canada on Monday and received in AZ on Saturday.

Seems like if I decide to keep my Tablo, ordering a spare AC Adapter might be a good precautionary move.

I’m wondering, based on the number of threads mentioned here if the power supply has some quality or load issues.

Of course, there’s always the hard rive failing and one losing every show ever recorded. :frowning:

My very old Tablo 2-tuner adapter seems ok for now. Just curious, would be nice to know if people with bad adapters were protected by a UPS or not. Power sags can be really evil.

Just wanted to provide another option for a Tablo power supply. If you visit your local thrift store (Salvation Army, St. Vincent DePaul, etc.) you will likely find a bin of miscellaneous AC adapters. Look for one with a 12volt output and 1.5 amps or so. These usually have the right size barrel to fit the Tablo. Most of the time these adapters are $.50 or so. Even if you don’t trust it for the long term , at least you would have power (or be able to test for a bad power supply) until you can get an “official” replacement. It is definitely worth a try.

What type of barrel is required? What external and internal barrel size is required? And I don’t think 1.5 amps is correct.

The barrel size is 5.5 by 2.1 or 2.5 mm, and my Table 2-tuner original adapter is only 1.0 amp and works fine.

I think you will find that tablo should be 2 amp. 1 amp is probably below the voltage power required to power a USB 2.0 device.

But you can search the forum and find info on power supplies.

I understand what you are saying. I have 2 of the 2-tuner Table units. Both have the original power supplies made by Adapter Tech. Interestingly enough, one has a 2 amp power supply, the other has a 1 amp power supply, but both have worked flawlessly for a couple of years or more. I do have a small USB cooling fan that blows on both units continuously, maybe that helps.

I also want to mention that the replacement power supply sold by Amazon specifically to replace the original, made by T-power, is 1.0 amp also.

I didn’t know that Nuvyyo had an approved power supply that you could buy on Amazon.

Makes you kind of wonder why Nuvyyo got into the business of selling a replacement power supply and isn’t it 2 amp.

Have a link to the “approved” Amazon one? Would like to put it on my wish list for future reference. Thanks!

The approved versions are sold via our website:


That just answered my question. :slight_smile:

I was thinking the only approved version was from Tablo directly.

so what is the power rating for the power supply directly from Tablo?

Since I bought one from Nuvyyo, as a backup, when they were first announced, I would say the plug is labeled as: output 12V 2A.

Damn, you triggered my impluse buy mode, and now a spare power adapter is on its way.

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No UPS on my system. No telling why it failed.