Bad Power Supply / AC Adapter


I have multiple units with the original power supplies from the 2014 time frame.

But I purposely purchased 2 tuner models two keep the heat down and the unit more stable. But I’ve always been concerned about the plug being slammed into a power strip close to a bunch of other plugs (warts) that are possible running hotter then you might think.


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I wonder if the 1A power adapter is the one that eventually dies requiring a replacement.
Something for @TabloTV to investigate.

I can confirm the Adapter Tech replacement power adapter purchased directly from Tablo outputs 12V at 2A.


That’s weird.

I already indicted above that the tablo replacement power supply I received, which Nuvyyo states works with both older units as well as the newer dual, was 12V 2A.


I am wondering why replace a psu with the same psu. My psu from 2013 died after almost exactly 5yrs I have a 4 tuner tablo. The psu was 12v 2amps. I have never had a psu die before, so I figured 2amps was too close to the needs of the system to allow the psu to run efficiently. I bought a 12v 5amp Chanzon (x001guapb3). It was $15 with Prime 2day shipping. The tablo/hd system should have all the power it needs at an efficient usage percentage.


Obviously, same or more amps is the recipe. There might be some safety concerns with allowing the higher amperage draw, but don’t think there is any “device police” waiting to nab ya.