Audio Squeak Like Fast Forwarding VHS

I have a recording that has a sound like an old tape fast forwarding. The video is fine and the audio is there, just a louder squeak over top.

Seems to be the issue discussed in this old thread.

Issue persists even after playing another recording, but just the one recording so far.
Any new thoughts on this?

There weren’t any changes in the most recent firmware load (2.2.38) that would’ve caused this kind of behaviour, but perhaps it’s being caused by something else.

Which Tablo app(s) are you seeing this on? Do you hear the same issue on any/all apps that view this recording? Does the channel this recording took place on ever have any reception issues?

I was watching the recording on my Roku Ultra (2020 model). I haven’t checked it on other apps yet.
I occasionally have reception issues on this channel, but the 1 minute I watched looked fine. I fast forward 5 minutes or so and the audio Squeak issue was still there but the video looked OK. The next day’s recording (same channel, same time) was OK.
Hopefully a one off problem for me.

Had this happen on a couple of shows that i recorded, i think 1 was on the decades channel. And the other was a movie with Pam Grier. Both were before the last update, recorded a couple weeks ago in metro Atlanta, This was one a refurbished dual ota lite I just purchased 2 weeks ago.

Update: recorded another airing, the Grier movie, on Grio, no issues.

Issue still there when watching on the Android app.

On one of the other threads someone mentioned that turning on surround sound (on Tablo & Roku Dolby 5.1?) helped. The downside is that clients that don’t support surround would have no sound.

And for some reason it says my Roku ultra can’t play surround. Ridiculous.

Here’s the link to the thread. Seems like it should work.

I had to change setting to “Dolby Digital.” I thought that setting was on the Roku, but maybe it was on the TV itself. I went through so many settings finally getting to a solution that I’m not sure anymore, but I do not have the chirping sound anymore.

I have had this happen as well. No changes to anything. I was thinking we got some heavy weather around the time as since it cleared up, I don’t have the issue. I think so many of these things are related to signal strength/quality.