Audio problem after firmware 2.2.28

After the above firmware update, I’ve noticed a strange audio artifact on my recordings. The best way I can describe it is, when a person is talking, it sounds like the squeak of a mouse, or a hinge that needs oil. I’ve checked several settings in the Tablo and the Roku and have not been able to narrow down a cause.


That’s odd.

Is this only on Live TV or Recordings or both?

If you replay the recording, does the audio glitch happen in the same place? How about if you play it back on a laptop or mobile device?

Do they tend to happen in certain parts of the video? i.e. just before/after a commercial?

If you have multiple Roku devices, do they happen on all of them?

It appears to be on recordings only. I’ve tried playback on two Roku devices and the same artifact occurs. It does happen on my Android phone. However, I’ve also noticed that it may have something to do with reception. It appears that if the antenna signal caused a pixelated picture the artifact is prevalent. This is a new problem for me. I’ve had pixelated recordings in the past without the artifact.

I’ve recorded a sample of the artifact and uploaded it to my Dropbox.

We’ve heard this kind of distortion in the past when broadcasters have had some issues. Can you try removing this channel from your lineup, re-adding it and then taking some new recordings? Let us know if this still shows up on the new recordings.

Request you confirm removing the channel is necessary.
If it is necessary, then (without removing the channel) rescanning, selecting the same channel, and clicking the add button will do nothing?

I recently had this happen on a live broadcast of local news. This was not happening before my recent upgrade to the latest firmware.

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Can someone please take a closer look at this. The audio artifact occurs on a perfectly good recording and live tv. I’ll repeat, this did not happen before the most recent firmware update.

Asking me to rescan without knowing the actual cause of the problem is not helpful.

You mentioned earlier this appears to be related to reception; is this now happening on more than one channel? Do any of the channels do this on live TV 100% of the time, or do you have any saved recordings on your Tablo with the issue that we can take a look at?

If so, please send the details above to our support team.

Initially, I thought it had something to do with reception because the first time I noticed it was on a recording that had problems with a poor signal. But, now, I’ve been getting it on perfectly good recordings and on live tv. I’ll try to contact support.

I have the same issue. I have recordings which have this same high pitch squeaking mixed with the show broadcast audio.

For example I have a Jeopardy recording which has this. It plays back with this artifact on the tv as well as through my phone access to the show. They playback the same.

This is a recent occurrence after the .28 firmware update.

Thanks for providing additional feedback. I’m not sure I’ve been able to convince Tablo support to look into this problem.

I submitted a support ticket and referenced this thread.

I have done the same. Tablo, please look into this since it happens more often than not.

Is it my imagination, or, do support requests end up in a black hole? I’ve submitted a support request as recommended above, and, have heard nothing. Not even a “we got your request, and, we’re looking into it”.

This is not a good way to treat customers.

I have the same issue with the firmware update.

Using a Firetv, audio through hdmi. Set to stereo recording. No issues with these screeches before this firmware update.

Sorry about that. You should have received one of those ‘we got your request’ notes.

Did you email or did you use the ticket form?

You can also give us a ring at 1-844-822-5688.

It happens the same to me as well especially when recording quality is HD 1080. It’s unbearable.

To all those who experience this, please contact support as they don’t seem to be prioritizing this issue.

I have also had this problem. Contacted support, they replied. I gave them more info. Now nothing.
This noise makes it impossible to use the Tablo. :angry:

Sorry guys - our engineers are trying to figure out the source of the problem but we need a bit more time to get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for your patience.