Is my Tablo failing?

So recently upon playback of a recording, I get skips/jerks/jumps. I thought maybe my hard drive was failing, but I downloaded a skipping video and when I played it back on my computer, it was fine.

I restarted my Tablo and right now, it seems ok. Wondered if this was an indicator that my Tablo is going bad?

When you “download” it, tablo still streams it. (You PC, ffmpeg, captures it into a video)

So it my be you watching/viewing device or app, perhaps network congestion… or maybe your tablo or drive is failing.

Does Tablo Live TV skip/jump the same way?

I’ll have to check next time it does it. After I restarted it, it was ok.

Also, forgot to mention that sometimes my recordings have ‘chirping’ in the audio upon playback. When I download that particular video, the ‘chirping’ is still in the audio track.

Some other folks have reported the chirping, see this thread. TabloSupoort is looking for examples of it when on Live TV.

Thanks. I posted there too.

So I got a response from support. I’m trying not to be overly critical here, but it seems Tablo wants to blame most everything on a poor signal. I put up an outdoor antenna a year ago and all was fine until recently (full green dots on all channels I use). The skipping goes away on a program after I restart the Tablo (gee, that doesn’t sound like antenna signal issues). The chirping is happening to others as well (maybe all our antenna signals went bad at the same time? doubtful.) I was originally thinking that maybe my equipment was going bad, but from the response and others having some issues, I don’t think so anymore.

You think maybe since other people are having some of the same issues that they didn’t have before, that maybe, just maybe Tablo screwed up something on one of their updates? Most likely, IMHO.

Yeah, I know, venting a bit, but I really get tired of companies who blame external causes for their own errors (thinking Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc). Maybe Tablo can’t figure out how they messed things up, but from all I’ve read and experiences, they are the cause of these issues. Hope they can figure it out.

So is there any way to avoid these Tablo updates? When everything is working, I’m happy with the status quo. I don’t need added features or anything else. I just want to enjoy my TV trouble free and would prefer they left things as is (well, once things are working again anyway).