Audio problem after firmware 2.2.28

I may have some anecdotal evidence that my problem has been resolved. I’ll explain…

I recently reported a recording problem to support. Without notice, my Tablo would not record any shows even though the schedule said I had new shows to record. Support contacted me and I returned a call to Lauren. She informed me that she had a fix for the problem. Unbeknownst to me, as she explained, the Tablo receives pushed updates beyond firmware (bug fixes possibly?). My Tablo was connected to a smart plug in my bedroom and was run according to an on/off schedule. The schedule had the unit off during the time frame (2am) she indicated when updates are pushed. She indicated that my unit had not received updates for about 45 days. She remoted into my machine and pushed an update that fixed my recording problem. And, here’s the part I’m not sure about. Since that update (about 4 days), I have not had an occurrence of the audio artifact. I can’t prove that the update fixed this problem, and, I’ll report back if it didn’t.

If you schedule your Tablo as I did, you might want to leave it on…

You should leave it on in all cases. It does guide updates and maintenance tasks (database cleanup) in the middle of the night. And (unfortunately) it’s not smart enough to do those tasks on boot if they’re not done overnight.

FYI, to anyone still experiencing this audio issue: we are still actively pursuing these cases and gathering data.

What we really need right now is a customer that is experiencing this audio issue on Live TV. The more often you experience this issue, the better the chance we have at capturing a live sample and getting to the root cause of the issue. Don’t hesitate to reply to this post or DM me if you have a channel able to reliably reproduce this,

I have been experiencing it on Live TV with one channel the last few weeks including last night but this morning that same channel is not having the issue. I’ll keep checking to see if it’s just with the particular show we’ve been watching.

I noticed the same sounds on live OTA TV with firmware 2.2.28.

Just chiming in here… I also get the chirping issue. It’s really very sporadic on my recordings. I don’t hardly watch live TV so I can’t advise there. It has to be something in the later updates, can’t they just roll it back until they figure it out? If it becomes more frequent, we who have this, won’t be able to use our Tablos!

I also get that squeky noices on recordings. It is a lot louder during the commercials, but still annoying during the main show. We don’t watch live and any earlier recordings seem ok. mostly new ones…

I’ll say this again, from eons ago. Roku and high bitrate material sometimes don’t get along and I notice it as the “screech” effect on audio. Source of high bitrate material doesn’t seem to matter. Can’t say if it’s all high bitrate material, or just the right combo…

I used to hear (occasionally) the problem more often on my old Plex server to the Roku (3 at that time), but my new ones is more trancoder friendly, so I don’t have to push heavy material to the Roku, Plex transcodes it. I’ve also upgraded to the Roku Ultra.

I’m wondering if because I use the default recording option on my Tablo, that I’ve never really heard it there.

Yeah, two months since this started, just like the OP said and we are still seeing it. It is somewhat infrequent at this point, but as you stated, it’s the new recordings.

Can’t Tablo give us the option to roll back the firmware to when it was working?

Throwing out a me-too problem. I’ve just seen it with CBS but that may just be coincidence. Often I turn on the TV, it’s a commercial (of course), then when the show comes on, I get squeaking. I just turned on LiveTV to see if it happens there- I never watch live tv out of football season…

Yeah, same here. Funny that Tablo wants someone who experiences this on live tv when it’s a good bet hardly anyone here watches much of anything live, lol. I did force myself for a bit to watch live tv, but there was no chirping. Not surprising, mine has been doing this very hit and miss even on my recordings.

I’m having some occasional video skipping as well and posted elsewhere about that. So far, restarting my Tablo fixes it temporarily at least. Seems that all these issues have come up after the latest update. Hmmm… could that be the cause, MAYBE???

Well, I’m sorry to report that the audio screech is back. If you read my previous post, you’ll see that it had disappeared after support technician Lauren applied a patch to my system. However, I noticed that today the thumbnail images were missing for recordings. Upon investigating further, I found that the Tablo said my subscription was not up to date even though I have a lifetime subscription. I hit the refresh button in the settings and it said my subscription was OK and the thumbnails were back. However, I now have the audio screech again.

Same issues here. High pitched squeal on two recordings on two different channels so far. Tried it on Roku 3, Roku streaming stick and my iPhone.

I’m also experiencing this issue. On recordings played back on my LG TV app, Android Phone, Chromecast, and in Chrome on my laptop.

Haven’t been able to recreate on live.

Need help!!! My tablo makes a high pitch squeal on recordings. I’m not able to watch and have to delete the recordings. This is happening more than once and on different channels. What can be done?

I am getting the issue on live TV as well as recordings. Opened a ticket yesterday before noting this thread.

This started recently on mine as well. It happens on live TV for me. I haven’t watched any recordings to see if it happens there as well.

I have this terrible noise problem, too. I can still return it to the store, though. If it doesn’t get fixed soon, I won’t really have a choice. If it’s really the latest firmware, why doesn’t Tablo “undo” the upgrade? Change it back to the old firmware.

I have the same chirping sound on recordings. I use the Tablo with a Roku Ultra. It used to be on recordings from one channel but now it is on two. The sound goes up and down as the chirping comes in and out at times. Roku channel version 2.14.0, software 9.3.0-build 4170.
When I play the same recording on my Pixel 3XL using the Tablo app the chirping is there. When I Chromecast from the Tablo app to my TV chirping returns.

My tablet is using version 2.2.30 and I started experiencing the same problem this week.