Another big disappointment with 2.2.8. No effort put into fixing the broken link to the PLEX app that was created with the last 2.2.6 firmware update

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Isn’t the PLEX channel unofficial, and due to be updated later with the new API’s?

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I don’t know the history or plans. I got into Tablo entirely because of the PLEX app so its a big hit to me.

There is an API coming (which I believe the developers of the PLEX channel had a hand in) so it should be getting even better, but I’m sure it will take time. I have no idea what the ETA may be…

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I am watching tv right now through Plex Tablo channel on an Apple TV.

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Plex has never and is not officially supported by Tablo. This was clear on their website before you purchased it:

“This app is developed by third-parties and is not officially supported by Tablo. For support for this app, please contact the individual app developers directly.”

See link:

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I think the AppleTV app under PLEX is new. It’s great that it works. The Tablo app I’m having issues with is under PLEX on Samsung Smart TV. Under PLEX it shows up as a Tablo icon under Channels.

Did you need to do any special setup getting this to work on your Apple TV 4? I have Plex running on my server (iMac), the Apple TV 4 with the Plex app, and while I can see LIVE TV, none of my Tablo recordings show up.

I’m having the identical issue with Plex on my iPhone as well. I see the Tablo channel, I can stream live TV from the Tablo, but no recordings are found.

Any ideas?

I have not recorded anything in a while until last night and it is not showing up via Plex app. I will see if there is anything on the Plex forums about this. I have no problem watching live tv though