Android TV Live Guide

I first want to say that I have been enjoying our Tablo for about 7 months and for the last 3 months, all the bugs seem to be worked out and things are working great.

We are using Nvidia Shield TV and Android Nexus Player.

Is there a chance you can utilize the “Live Channels” app that is part of android TV? This has a built in channel guide that Tablo is missing.

If not using live channels, is there an on screen channel guide that is planned where you can change channels or surf to see what’s on other channels without the video to stop playing?

3 Likes or I use that guide for live watching and Tablo’s guide for recordig.

Thanks but I think I need to clarify that I currently paying tablo for their guide data and that’s great. What I’m asking for is a way to overlay it on top of the live video.

Specifically the"Live Channels" app that’s built into Android TV.

You aren’t the first person to make this request. It’s a GREAT idea. Sling also uses a very similar concept.

I too would love to see Live Channels integration as well as Voice Search and Recommendations support. Android TV has a ton of unique features well suited for Tablo.