Shield / Android TV Live Channels feature?

Really odd Tablo mention in an Android blog from the summer. Any word on this? Is this a feature Tablo is / has to implement? I was bummed that it wasn’t actually live.


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That is an odd mention of Tablo, you are right.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the live channels app, I would much rather see the Recommendations bar integration on Android TV or integration into the Universal Voice Search Index.

That being said, any update to take advantages of unique Android TV features I am happy with.

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We’re planning to do a lot of work on the Android apps in the coming months to take advantage of all of these fun tidbits that were announced at the last Android love-in.


Awesome, thanks for the update.

Is it possible to integrate DVR functionality into the Live Channels app or is that simply not possible? Will Tablo implementation basically be channel feeds like HDHomerun?

We haven’t gotten into the nitty gritty, but this should be possible.

That would DEF make me switch BACK to Android TV… provided we can get Amazon Instant native support on Android TV sometime in the near future… sheesh… nothing like big monster companies being a bunch of gradeschoolers!


Please don’t make promises without real dates. You guys are pretty good at working on everything at once while your singular focus is trying to get Roku to work. Please just give up on Roku so you can actually deliver some value.


Any update on this?


New year, do you have an answer @TabloTV?

I hear live channels is coming? Is tablo about to be a killer android TV app? Mmmm, dat integration.

Dec 2015 to Jan 2017 and no Live channels yet.Guess instead of months they meant years.

I agree…the clock still ticks…and this is not moving…meanwhile, HomeRun is killing it…many of my friends have moved that way sadly and I invested in a Tablo.
NAS files are not accessible either, and that is a bummer too.

I tried a HomeRun before buying Tablo… meant to integrate with Plex… But Tablo provides a better live experience than Plex currently can (doesn’t at all). What I would actually like to see is a Tablo channel for Plex in the official repository…

Hey man… Thanks for replying.

I’m getting into Plex now as well… Really new at it and have not stayed a stream at all. At least looking into it. I have heard good things.
Let me give you my current setup and maybe I can get some advice. Everyone is welcome to help me get I to the ideal set up.

I have:
-Nexus player with Hauppauge tv tuner & attached Harda drive.
-Separate tuner on Nexus so that it can record with live channels. Sometimes I want more than 4things at once and Tablo runs out of tuners…So I record on network always on live Channel s on Android TV.
-Fire TV stick
-Tablo with 1gb attached
-WD Nas that can stream at least 1 show at a time.
-All can be hard wired (not sure I can with fire stick)

Would like to:
-See Tablo on live Channel on Android as opposed to a separate app.
-Somehow, get Plex on the Nexus (I think I can do that as an app)
-See my Nas things on Plex
-Add Tablo to Plex, add live TV to Plex.

The goal is to minimize the apps I have it open as much as possible.

What you think?

consider this.
I have 1x Tablo 4 tuner, I use this for all my “production” DVR tasks.
I have 2x HDHR Connect, I use this for all live viewing “intake”
(I also am toying with Plex DVR and HDHR DVR)
I have 2x NVidia Shield as my main content consumption devices (Also PC/ Tablet/ Phone- but they are secondary)
I use the Google Live chanels app for live (HDHR View app on PC/ Phone/ Tablet)
I have a synology NAS as my storage, and a Zotac IQ-01 as my primary Plex server.

so my experience is great for live (Google App), acceptable for DVR (Tablo), and great for purchased content(Plex).

I end up using 3 different apps depending on what I am doing, but they are easy to get to and navigate within…

The Nexus Player (or the Mi Box) will do the same app structure as my Shield, just not as smoothly.

You have a great set up…a lot of tuners going on…wow.
The Shield should have a USB tuner soon as well. :slight_smile:

@TabloTV, it’s been 2 years now. Wake up and add some features to Android.

You would think that porting the tablo DVR functionality off of proprietary hardware onto Nvidia Shield would be considered an Android feature. Especially since Nvidia Shield probably makes up less then 2.5 percent of the media player market.

Of course I’m sure the port was done for business reasons.

Thanks, @zippy.