Android TV Live Channels

Has anyone tried loading Android M on their Nexus Player? I am curious to see if the Tablo app for Android TV integrates well with the built-in Live Channels app.

Here is an example of another live TV streaming app, just wondering if the Tablo app would provide the same experience:


I don’t see how it would. I have 2 nexus players and would be willing to try it out if i thought it might work. I am pretty sure Tablo would need to modify the tablo web app code on android to make use of it…

I’m very interested in Google’s new Live TV app as well since it looks like a good means of marrying OTA channels with other OTT channels in one EPG.

I believe that Tablo would have to modify their app to integrate with the Google Live Channels app, probably using some of this framework:

The best I can find is that “So far, HDHomeRun and Pluto.TV are the only sources that support Live Channels. But Google said last week that it will be adding several more sources soon, including Huffington Post Live, Bloomberg TV, AOL, and Vevo.” Source:

There also doesn’t appear to be the ability to record via Google’s Live Channels app. Here’s the Android TV app:

+1 Enjoying the Tablo on the Nexus Player, but this plus search integration would take things to the next level. The part I miss about cable is seeing everything in one place. Idealy, the live content would be on the “Live TV” app mixed with other services, and the Tablo app for On-Demand DVR shows.

This would be HUGE!!!

+1 for Android TV Live Channels integration!


+1 this would be huge for Tablo TV/ Android TV lovers!. My wife would kill for a single grid guide with everything populated! Please at-least look into what it would take to add this feature. You could even add a settings switch that could would turn on/off the guide in the Tablo app if a user does decide to us the “Live TV” for the guide/live TV.

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I know its November now, but The Weather Network supports Live Channels and actually works. Pluto TV does not work to good in Live Channels, but the app itself does. if you want the web version. There is NOT a ROKU or FireTV version. I did load the Android version to my Fire Tablet and it works.

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Any updates on Live Channel implementation? (Haven’t visited the board in awhile) And if not, I know Google has a lot of guides on Android TV development. Does Tablo make APIs or source code available if someone wanted to try and beef up the Android TV experience?

@orpheus - No update yet. This is on the roadmap but I don’t have an ETA yet.

We don’t as of now have an API openly available but this is also something we’d like to do moving forward.

Thanks! Hopefully sooner rather than later. Really hoping Android TV can live up to it’s potential.

So far Pluto TV is better stand alone rather than Live Channels only The Weather Network works .

Adding Live Channels support is a must. Google is going to be pushing this more and more down the road.

I also won’t buy a tablo dvr to replace my hd homerun until it has it

Does your hdhomerun use Android TV Live Channels?

Yes it does.

What I wish is I could hook up a usb tv tuner to the Nexus and it use it. It looks like apps have been developed to do just that but not using US tv standards.

@TabloTV I’m glad to see you working on the new AppleTV and WebOS apps but I was just curious if we’re going to see any Android love early 2016? If so is there anything to share on the live channels? No complaints though. Tablo TV is still the best experience for live & recorded TV in my opinion on any modern platform and but I was just curious if there was anything for us Android TV users to look forward to in the short term.

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@BobsledOhio - Don’t worry… The Android team is working just as hard. We’ll be showing some love to you Droid folks later this year :slight_smile:


@TabloTV Later this year, meaning like Fall or Winter 2016?

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I don’t have a firm ETA for anything Android yet so I’m not going to guestimate… When I asked about what they’re working on I got smiles and thumbs up from that side of the office so they’re feeling good about progress. Once I have more details I’ll be sure to share them.