Android TV Live Channels


Thanks for sharing what you can. I wonder if we’ll be hearing more around IO in May…

Android TV (NP, Shield, others) random ramble (aka Cjcox is a Weirdo)

I know it isn’t May, but I just want to make sure this doesn’t get lost in everything else going on… This feature would be a major win in the “keep it spouse friendly” category. The tie in to the “notification cards” and voice search features of real “Android TV” devices could make it truly shine. (And I wish all the knock off android tv boxes could get more separation from the real thing)

I threw this poll together, please comment on it in order to show your impressions…
Should “Live Channels” support be a priority?


Apple TV app is scheduled for Spring 2016, so even if Android TV becomes a thing, it won’t be until Summer or Fall 2016. But I am just purely speculating.


@TabloTV now that Apple TV app is released, what about Android Channels?


Got really excited that there was some updates for this. I hope this is being worked on but that all off the Android TV features are being taken advantage of: Live Channels, universal search, picture-in-picture, and recommendations (say show recently recorded episodes the next day on the home screen).

Keeping my fingers crossed.


It’s been awhile now… @TabloTV are there any updates on this?

I find that the guide within the Android TV is quite slow just not a great experience to use :frowning:

Would really like to see the channels in Live Channels…


Any updates on this since CES is now over?


I too, am awaiting the integration


I understand the need to be careful with publicizing things too early because things can change but there have been several “milestones” achieved (i.e. CES has come and gone) and “android updates” have been communicated so I don’t doubt they are coming, it would just be nice to know a little bit of the specifics for those of us evaluating all the platforms.


Bumping it up so it does’t get lost.


Live channels support yet?


Still missing @TabloTV


This feature is taking way too long.
Everyone is asking for it.

When the largest competitor has something similar and the user base wants it, I have to wonder what the companies direction is…

I love Tablo, and finally my wife does too…but having to back out of the app over and over again…or closing the interface is cumbersome and HD HOMERUN is doing it for a few months now.

Come on Tablo geniuses…get it going!


Everyone? Not me. I couldn’t care less about that feature.


You have to admit though, since 6/2015 this has been a topic…and most that have a Android TV box could use it.


Live channels is nice, but I had a problem using PlutoTV. I found it was pulling HD all the time and went several days at about 50gb per day of data. That’s nor good, even with my 1TB data plan, so I had to get rid of it, couldn’t figure out how to stop the data usage.


@TabloTV Any updates on this?

Nvidia Shield TV has new Google Assistant support that allows the user to switch to Live Channels by voice.

It would be nice if Tablo supported Live Channels like your biggest competitor (HDHomerun)


Been asked for since channels got added. It has joined 5.1 in the Tablo wait forever loop :laughing:


Any word on Live Channels integration?
Why cant Tablo work as well as Pluto for channel surfing…


Pluto does not do OTA, that is they are not, and likely do not have a license, to take broadcast mpeg2 ATSC and transmit (Supreme Court rules that as a re-broadcast, even if to a single user) in a different format (a streaming friendly format).

Pluto takes is just a player for existing streams. In theory, Pluto could build integration into your Tablo.

In short though, Pluto doesn’t do OTA streaming, and thus no surfing, and unlikely they’d ever be able to.