Add a “Reboot” button to the Apps


My Tablo (4-Tuner) has been running strong for 2 years, but this last two weeks it needs a reboot to reconnect with the drive (WD My Book, so it has its own power.) Ok, only twice: one was done by the update so it saved me the trip, and the other right the next day (but its on a remote location not easily accessible at the moment.)

The only fix needed was pressing the blue button, but since the only problem was the connection with the drive, the Tablo still works and connects fine. By the way the drive is fine and all is connected to a good power surge protector.

So please add a “reboot” button in the settings of the apps so we can deal with this the right way (I don’t want to use a smart plug to cut the power to the Tablo.) It should be pretty simple since the procedure exists and can be actually triggered by that blue button.

As discussed before, it should not be for regular use (better to solve the real issue if any) but as a convenience and easier troubleshooting procedure.



sounds like a good idea to me. I periodically have to remote into my home computer using chrome remote desktop and reboot my router because I lose remote connectivity to my tablo. I’ve found I also can just press the blue button to do the same thing, so if I could remote in then access it locally through the web app I could do the same thing without fear of disrupting my wife’s watching a movie or tv show from my plex server.


Yup, if you scroll down #feature-requests you’ll find a whole bunch of good ideas repeatedly suggested… but hey, they added commercial skip