Accessing hard drive recordings without wifi

Is there a way to access the recordings made on the HD without being connected to wifi,etc? Or at least off load to my PC ?
Dennis in VA

Can you hard wire the Tablo to your router? As in connect it via an ethernet cable?

There are apps for exporting recordings in the sections #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex they stream from your tablo, so it needs to be connected to a network however you want.

Connected directly to your PC, well it’s a PITA, so unless your tablo is dead, networked is really the only real way to go.

Thanks for the reply and suggestions.
My antenna is too far from the router to connect via Ethernet so using WiFi which does work. I was hoping there was a software program that could access the recordings directly from the HD without having internet available so on a trip,etc could watch. I would think these recordings are in MP4 or some other video file that a program like VLC could read them, but not happening .

You haven’t looked at the 3rd party apps for exporting your recordings!!?!! Your PC “connects” to your tablo over your network aka WiFi and exports the recordings and saves them as an mp4!! for viewing via a player like VLC. (You can even use VLC to export recordings! but that’s a whole other thing.)

If you want to connect your drive to the USB port on your PC, use handbrake - but it’s not recommended.

It happens for a whole lot of users everyday - over their network WiFi or wired, it doesn’t really matter (just may take a bit longer)

As for your distance (? ethernet spec allow 100m runs, about 300’)