A Different Model for Comskip


OK, they’re (TiVo) saying it’s available in an hour or so. I don’t have one hooked up to check. It’s possible and believable.


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Yes but I am using the Tivo model (confirmed) to continue with the different comskip model and possibilities. Not using Tivo to bash anyone just to state that the model I suggested is already partly in place by someone else. Now that we’re past the doubts about Tivo, the issue on the table is Tablo’s upload model that good and\or required.


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The issue as stated in the first post is valid. There are different comskip models.


I can see an advantage for Tablo in that everything that gets recorded gets processed for commercial skip, but at what cost? I don’t have enough information to second guess where they’re going with this. Room for improvement? Certainly. I expect that with a Beta. TiVo is evidently using humans to “mark” segments. The markers are already in the broadcast stream which I assume is how Tablo is approaching this. It will be great when the algorithms and ML mature. The greatest room for improvement that I see (assuming all of the preceding is close to what’s being done) is to phase out the reprocessing of major network shows that have been already processed. Process a major network show like… 5 times… compare them for consistence, and after that just send the data markers to anyone who recorded that show and skip processing for com-skip for that show any more. If the upload of thumbnails could be stopped for subsequent individuals who have recorded that show that would be even better.

This gives them major network commercial skip, drastically decreases the network traffic, and still allows for someone recording an old I Love Lucy off MeTV to get their recording processed for com-skip.


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I’m sure there are other reasons as well but one reason they can’t is because that would be considered a “derivative work”.


I like your idea but you might be surprised how much difference there is even on major networks from one location to the next. I live in an area where I can get two major cities. Even in Primetime their can be scheduling differences. I think some data upload would still need to be done.


MarkKimble makes a lot of good points. Dish Network has Autohop for ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX for the prime time shows (7 PM - 11PM EST). They claim that it takes a human to delineate the commercials. It does not matter which DMA you are in because the local broadcasts still have the same spacing. The local commercials may be different but the network show uses the same spacing.
I would think that Tablo could do it once instead of for each user. They have already mentioned that local content such as news will not work with their commercial skip.


That is hopefully a temporary limitation.

Tablo mentioned many possible tweaks to their system that they were contemplating. I wish I could remember where that post was. I think it was in the new firmware thread or the charging for for commercial skip thread. If I find it I’ll link it.


My experience with the skip feature on the Bolt is that you’ll usually only see these on prime-time national network shows, or shows that have run on national networks after TiVo rolled out the skip feature. Specifically, I’ve never seen a skip enabled program on the local MeTV affiliate, nor the iON network affiliate, nor any other program found on an OTA sub channel. I have seen skip enabled on Big Bang Theory reruns that appear on non-CBS affiliate, but I would suspect this is because those programs were marked by the TiVo skip monkeys from broadcasts on TBS.

Note that the skip isn’t active on all programs- it can be hit or miss- and things like network news broadcast (which would benefit the user greatly from skipping) never get the treatment.

Skip isn’t automatic, and still requires the user to hit a remote button (or use a voice command). It’s also not available until the original broadcast is complete.

When it works, it’s great, but it’s a different method than used by Tablo, and given the issues noted above, in my opinion is more limited.


OK… this was an interesting read…
SCTE-35 Ad Marking

My current understanding of the way things work now with Tablo is something like this:
We record a show.
When it’s completed, our Tablo processes thumbnails.
When thumbnails are complete, we send them to Nuuyvo.
Nuuyvo processes the thumbnails through its commercial skip routine.
Nuuyvo sends back thumbnails with commercial skip markers.

When thumbnails are ready on the user end, are they simply sent to Nuuyvo and put into some sort of queue to await com skip processing? Or is there any sort of communication beforehand such as…(My Tablo) “I have this ready to send”…(Nuuyvo com skip process server)“ok, ready to receive”…(My Tablo) “sending”

IF we are sending a file full of thumbnails, is Nuuyvo sending back the same file with com-skip markers? Or are we receiving a much smaller file that just consists of the markers to be appended to our existing thumbnails?

I ask because if pre-send communication is happening, would it be possible to have something like…
“I have this ready to send”… “I already know that program. Do Not send. Use these markers”… “acknowledged”. (Thumbnails do not get sent and instead we receive the markers for our existing thumbnails. To save having to process the same major network show hundreds of times)

Just brainstorming


Didn’t tablo indicate that after successful processing they send back an updated HLS playlist.

And the contents, number and size of the TS files, of the playlist is probably based on the recording quality. And if you live on the East Coast(EDT) and it’s a new episode, nothing for the episode has already been processed. And if the show has already started and I then decide to start the recording, etc, etc.


I don’t understand why anything has to be up or downloaded for commercial skip. It should do it all locally.

BTW is it really true that upload/download is required to create the thumbnails??? That ain’t right either!