A Different Model for Comskip

It is ludicrous for thousands of subscribers to upload their videos. All Nuvyyo has to do is record all the shows, retain a master copy of them and process these. They can become the Aereo of comskip…

The interaction between a user and Tablo upon request is the next stage…

Aereo did not “share” data. Every subscriber had their own unique recorded/transcoded instance. This was so they couldn’t be held liable. Ultimately the SCOTUS ruled that changing the format of OTA was a “rebroadcast/broadcast” (they redefined the word, no longer requiring that it be single/limited sources going to multiple people) and required a license.


Since there are 1,500+ television stations in the United states I don’t think tablo could record all that’s broadcast. That includes locally produced shows.

I’m not talking about Nuvyyo supplying the videos to users. Nuvyyo, like Aereo can set up an antenna and record the shows strictly for commercial skip processing. The original user recordings would still sit on the user’s machine as recorded by the local Tablo at the user’s home.

Aereo stuck an antenna across the street from the broadcast towers and always got a perfect feed. That was my point! Thousands of users sending poorly received videos is a poor model for data processing. We’re not talking about video distribution.

Matching the Nuvyyo COMSKIP template to a user’s video would be the next stage upon request and verification. The idea is just to send and interchange meta data across the wire.

For major network shows and national subnets like MeTV and Comet a lot of ground would be covered. Local shows could still be uploaded for an extra fee.

Thousands of subscribers uploading a major channel prime time show that Nuvyyo could already have…

The current model only uploads the thumbnails.

So you are talking about tablo placing 400+ 4-tuners recording 24 hours a day distributed across the United States. Plus all the recorded data being uploaded.

The courts have already ruled that for DRM/copyright laws you can’t distribute copies to others.

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No, just record the major networks plus national subnets ONCE say in NY. Local shows like “Atlanta Today” could still be uploaded by a user if not covered by Nuvyyo for a fee. I’m sure a husband would tell his wife, “You can live with adds watching your ‘Atlanta Today’ show…if it costs us extra…”

You do realize that locals can chop and insert commercials on a local basis.

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The videos already go up for thumbnail processing, right? Nobody seems to complain about that.

So now we’re just talking about skip processing. Now… are they finding that the same show from 2 different geographical areas has different commercial breaks? That could throw a small wrench into the works.
Let’s say the major networks and affiliates all have the same timing on their commercial breaks. I know they have designated slots during a network break for local advertising… so you have national advertising (like… Toyota… or Chevy… or one of those drug commercials) and you have local advertising (like… Joe’s Windows… or a local car dealer or grocery).
Now if you record a show on prime time from a national network AND if all of the commercial breaks ALWAYS line up it would seem likely they could skip processing and just send you back the updated guide data with the commercials flagged.
Now… what if YOU recorded it at max resolution/bitrate and someone else did it at a lower setting? How does that affect things? (I don’t know the answer to this because I don’t know exactly what’s being sent BACK.)
The same could be said of thumbnail processing except there we KNOW the local advertisements would be different based on geographical location.
This is why, I think, this is beta. They’re figuring all this stuff out.
And as long as it’s not screwing up our television watching, I’m pretty ok with that. :smiley:

Not being a comskip specialist, how would a NY recorded national show differ in time frames for add insertion from a Boston based one? Whatever the add, a show’s segment would still be 15 or so minutes. However I’m not a comskip guy… The details would have to be worked out by someone else. All I know is that the current model is not good from a data processing side.

No one is complaining about the upload traffic? No one is complaining about the quality of matching their video when OTA reception is problematic (see @barry)? Aren’t most people saying this is not a payable-worthy service?

Let me give you an example where this is a terrible failure. I uploaded videos to get rid of one specific commercial as a test (because I do my own comskip locally at 100% success rate using Tablo Ripper, MCEBuddy, Comskip and Avidemux)). I don’t need to be seeing starving, disease ridden children in Kenya on fun shows such as Newhart. Particularly since I watch it late at night. Defeats the purpose of “entertainment” to get away from the world’s wretched problems. This add NEVER seems to be excised on most of my shows. Horrible failure for just this one reason.

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I am not sure if your “master copy” scheme would constitute “re-transmission.” For example:

This is another area where Locast has to operate carefully: The organization must install signal equipment in every city where it operates, because all broadcast stations are regional and retransmissions can be made only to local residents. If you live in, say, Miami, you can’t get Locast until Mr. Goodfriend puts up an antenna there.

SEE: LOCAST: App Streaming Network TV, Would Love to Get Sued

My Aereo analogy wasn’t about retransmission of what Nuvyyo captured. It was about using its own OTA capture to process data for ad detection without needing a user’s files.

So you have a finite number of different networks plus subnet… each requiring an individual to manually mark the points of commercial breaks. Or would you have to wait a day or two until they got around to it?

Why would an individual be needed? The shows would still be processed through algorithms as received. But imagine just processing Show A (a good copy) just once rather than thousands of times (quite a few which would be poor quality).

As @barry asked Nuvyyo previously, “So if you can’t adequatly process my file, you have no other method to serve me?”

“The videos already go up for thumbnail processing, right? Nobody seems to complain about that.”

All thumbnail processing is done locally by a local tuner.


So only the commercial skipping would be done on the master copy? I would still be watching the crappy pixelated version I recorded?

Yes, otherwise Nuvyyo runs into the Aereo legal trap. But I understand what you’re saying. If I record a program in good faith and get banged up by the weather, couldn’t Nuvyyo on this basis send me a fair copy once in awhile? Good legal question…

…there are inaccuracies and various reason for not processed beyond poor quality - if they’d make an investment, let’s get it exactly right

Right, plus there may be other technical issues based on things happening in local markets. This is beyond my knowledge but it sounds like a cool idea.