A Different Model for Comskip


BTW there is a cool ATSC 3.0 video I referred to previously at this forum which shows how video editing becomes easier because the OTA transmission is IP based. OTA streams will under ATSC 3.0 be TCP packets modulated over RF.

After receiving the packets, this presenter was able to edit the stream file quite easily. When watching this video, I thought about comskip editing under ATSC 3.0.


Yes, I feel that pain. Two nights ago, a perfectly good show that I wanted to record and put in my library. Ruined by a continuous red banner flashing across the screen for 45 straight minutes “Storm Warning” (which never reached us). I can just imagine that show in my library to watch on a sunny day in the future “Storm Warning.”


This was mentioned earlier, a better, safer approach, would be to optimize based on zip code (which you put in anyways on the Tablo).

-You make an X-mile radius, take a user, upload his recordings/thumbnails/whatever.
-Process them and send them back.
-For any user in that radius, send them the same commercial skip times based on the relative start time (in case you did -5 minute, vs. -10 minutes). There’s all sorts of optimizations that can be done here for non-pristine recordings to get this to still work
-If you get a new user with a new show, upload it, do steps 1-3 again
-Do this for all of US and Canada

Tada, I just reduced your uploading/downloading cap. Based on the density of the population, this may not do much in Rural areas, but this would probably heavily reduce the load for cities. Only Tablo would have the numbers for how many people are within an X-mile radius.

There are algorithms to optimize X from step 1.


The idea is not to upload anything (other than shows Nuvyyo would not get on their own). Only user requests without video data of any kind.


This is impossible, for reasons listed above.

They would then need to get Tablo’s setup every X-miles, and have perfect recording quality (remember Tablo can’t do com-skip on pixelated data).


Nope, nothing is impossible.


Nothing? lol, ok.


In fact Tivo does commercial processing already this way I believe - editing their own copies.


For Tivo users it’s a DOWNLOAD not an UPLOAD process. So part of this model is already in place.


I didn’t get that from the link you provided. I think you’re reading wayyyyyyyyy too much between the lines. We can agree to disagree here.


Don’t you think Nuvyoo engineers would have done this if feasible and legal?


Actually I’ve confirmed it elsewhere. That’s exactly how the Tivo comskip process works as described in Quora.





lol, so you confirmed it from another forum member speculating as to how TiVo works. And a 3rd party account from a conversation with a rep. Got it.

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